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Zara Brenner, MS, RN-BC, ACNS-BC

zaraMs. Brenner teaches critical care and acute-care nursing in the classroom and the clinical setting. Ms. Brenner is certified as both a Clinical Specialist in Adult Health and in Nursing Case Management. In addition to her faculty position, she practices as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, Care Manager at Rochester General Hospital in Rochester, New York.

Ms. Brenner is a graduate of Syracuse University and the University of Rochester. In addition to working with students, staff, and patients and their families, Ms. Brenner has other professional interests, including research and publication. She has published numerous articles about the nursing care of cardiac and other patients. Ms. Brenner serves as a reviewer, editorial board member and consultant for several professional journals. She has a long, active involvement with the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses.

Ms. Brenner and her husband Charles have two daughters, Stacey and Melissa. The family enjoys being together. Ms. Brenner uses a treadmill and weights regularly for cardiovascular fitness but really enjoys cycling in the good weather.

Ms. Brenner's most recent publications include:

Brenner, Z.R. &, Krenzer, M.E. (2013). Alterations in Pancreatic Exocrine Function. in Wagner, Johnson & Hardin-Pierce (Eds). High Acuity Nursing, 6th ed. Boston, Pearson.

Brenner, Z.R., Miller, A.B., Ayers, L.C. & Roberts. A. (2012). The role of vitamin D in critical illness. Critical Care Nursing Clinics of North America, 24, 527-540.

Brenner, Z.R., Salathial, M., Macey, B. A. & Krenzer, M.E. (2011). Postoperative care of the robotic surgery patient. Gastroenterology Nursing, 34 (4), 271-275.


Brenner, Z.R. & Kaptein, D. (2010). Success with a homegrown case manager database. Professional Case Management, 15, (2) 103-108.

Brenner, Z.R. & Krenzer, M.E. (2010). Understanding acute pancreatitis. Nursing, 40, (1) 32- 38. Published with CE credit.

Vollers, D., Roberts, C., Hill, E., Dambaugh, L. & Brenner, Z.R. (2009). AACN'S Healthy Work Environment Standards and an empowering nurse advancement system. Critical Care Nurse, 29, (6) 20-27. Published with CE credit.

Stevens, J. & Brenner, Z.R. (2009). The Peer Active Learning Approach for clinical education: A pilot study. The Journal of Theory Construction and Testing, 13, (2) 51-56.

Brenner, Z.R., Krenzer, M.E. & Hardin-Pierce, M.G. (2010). Alterations in Pancreatic Function. in Wagner, Johnson & Hardin-Pierce (Eds). High Acuity Nursing, 5th ed. Boston, Pearson. pages 727-743.

Brenner, Z.R. & Salathiel, M. (2009). The nurse’s role in CMS quality indicators. MEDSURG Nursing, 18, (4) 242-246.

Brenner, Z.R. & Powers, J. (2009). Chapter 18: Endocrine Alterations. In Sole, M.L., Klein, D.G. & Moseley, M.J. Introduction to Critical Care Nursing, 5th ed. Saint Louis, Elsevier Saunders. pages 605-650.

Brenner, Z.R., Dambaugh, L., Hill, E., Roberts, C. & Vollers, D. (2008). The evolution of a clinical nurse advancement system. Nursing Management, 39, (10):28-35.

Brenner, Z.R. & Powers, J. (2008). Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy. Heart & Lung: The Journal of Critical Care, 37, (1):1-7.

Porsche, R. & Brenner, Z.R. (2006). Amiodarone-Induced Thyroid Dysfunction. Critical Care Nurse, 26, (3):34-42. Published with CE credit.

Brenner, Z.R. (2006). Management of Hyperglycemic Emergencies. AACN Clinical Issues: Advanced Practice in Acute and Critical Care, 17, (1):56-65. Published with CE credit.

Her most recent presentations include:

Suski A, Brenner ZR. Case Management. At 9th Annual Medical Teaching Day. Rochester General Hospital, September 2009.

Salathiel M. Brenner ZR. Diet, DVT and Drugs: What’s new in evidence based practice for postoperative care of the patient undergoing colon resection. Journey to Excellence Magnet Regional Workshop, Rochester General Hospital, September 14-16, 2009. Poster presentation.

Stevens J, Brenner ZR. Peer active learning strategies (PALS) for infection control. American Association of Colleges of Nursing 2008 Baccalaureate Education Conference, San Antonio, Texas, December 4-6, 2008. Poster presentation.

Documenting Nurse Caring Behaviors. Nursing Research Day. Rochester General Hospital, November 2008. Poster presentation.

Putting the pieces together: Making sense of the plumbing and setting a standard for care after pancreaticoduodenectomy. American Association of Critical Care Nurses, NTI Poster Presentation, Atlanta, May 21-24, 2007. Also available on-line at

To Feed or Not To Feed. 2005 Magnet Northeast Regional Conference. 2005.

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