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The College at Brockport's Emergency Notification System

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What is SUNY NY-Alert?

The College at Brockport participates in SUNY NY-Alert, an emergency messaging system that notifies students, faculty and staff of emergency events that could impact the safety and wellbeing of the campus community.  It  is possible for the campus community to "opt in" to the SUNY NY-Alert system by accessing the Campus Information System and inputting contact information as indicated by the prompts.

As new course registration cycles begin an information screen will automatically appear requesting you to update your SUNY NY-Alert contact information if necessary or to provide it if you haven’t previously done so.  You can change your preferences and contact information at any time by going to the link above which may be found within the “Personal Information” tab in the Campus Information System.

If you choose to receive the alerts, you must provide at least one e-mail address. You also may include a cell phone number and provider, allowing you to receive text message alerts, and a phone number — either cell or land line — to receive voice alerts. You may list up to three phone numbers for each of these options, but be aware that the alert system will attempt to contact every number you list. SUNY NY-Alert officials suggest that you list your most-used numbers for messages.

There is a delay between your submission of contact information and its update into the NY-Alert system.  All contact information on file locally is provided to the SUNY NY-Alert database once a week, so under normal circumstances your information will become “live” in NY-Alert the week after you provide it.  If you are not enrolled in classes for the current term or if you have separated from the college your contact information will not be forwarded and you will not be contacted in the event of an emergency.  Once you are back on campus, enrolled in classes, or resuming employment, your contact information will again be forwarded weekly and you will once again be “live” in NY-Alert.

In what situations might I receive a SUNY NY-Alert?

Any situation where the health and/or human safety at The College at Brockport is in question may result in the issuance of a notification through the SUNY NY-Alert system. We believe that the majority of emergency situations would fit into one or more of the following categories:

  • Bomb Threat – based on intelligence that indicates the threat is credible.
  • Civil Disturbance – large group disrupting normal campus activities.
  • Fire – large-scale fire to building(s), wildfires, local community or industry that endangers campus.
  • Hazardous Material - dangerous material, chemical, biological, nuclear spreading from a contained area.
  • Major Road Closing/Incident – unanticipated event that would disrupt safe passage to and from campus.
  • Medical Emergency – pandemic or event with mass casualties.
  • Personal Safety – situations that include use of weapons, violence, perpetrator(s) at large, active shooter, hostage situation or missing persons.  Any situation, on or off campus, that, in the judgment of the Chief Administrative Officer or designee, constitutes an on-going or continuing threat to person or property.
  • Suspicious Package – reasonable belief that a package may contain chemical, biological or nuclear substance that would cause harm to persons or property.
  • Utility Failure  – a major disruption or damage to utilities including gas, electrical or water.
  • Weather – severe weather conditions to include flooding, snow/ice/cold, thunderstorm, wind, tornado or hurricane.

Any new contact information submitted for purposes of emergency notification through NY-Alert at The College at Brockport will only be used to subscribe members of the College community to NY-Alert. You may also wish to review the SUNY NY-Alert privacy policy.

If you wish the College to know about these phone numbers or e-mail addresses for other, non-emergency communications, please review your contact information in the Campus Information System and submit appropriate updates to us.

How can parents, spouses, and others sign up to receive emergency notifications from The College at Brockport?

At this time, only members of the College community with access to the Campus information System (Banner) can sign up directly for emergency notifications through SUNY NY-Alert. This includes all current students, faculty and staff of the College, as well as employees of affiliated organizations such as the Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation, the Research Foundation, and the Brockport Child Development Center.

However, members of the College Community may provide parents', guardians', spouses', or others' phone, e-mail or cell information as secondary contact information.

Where can I learn more about SUNY NY-Alert?

SUNY NY-Alert is a collaborative effort between the State University of New York and the State Emergency Management Office. SUNY has a set of frequently asked questions about the SUNY NY-Alert system. More information can also be found at the NY-Alert Web site, where residents of the State of New York can also sign up for alerts in their county of residence.

Specific questions about SUNY NY-Alert at The College at Brockport can be addressed to the ITS Help Desk at (585) 395-5151 option 1, or