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The College at Brockport's Emergency Notification System

Data Privacy Statement

The Emergency Alert System is designed to alert you in cases where your personal safety may be at risk. For this reason it is critical that the SUNY NY-Alert system have e-mail, text messaging and phone numbers you use on a regular basis. Please be assured that the data you provide will be used for no other purpose. It will be used to maintain the Emergency Contact information for SUNY NY-Alert but will not be placed within Banner and will not be used to contact you for any other reason.

To provide for an easier SUNY NY-Alert registration process, this enrollment application will optionally copy data from the Banner Student system. This is only offered during the initial data entry process as a convenience and the data will not be used to update Banner. If you wish to correct contact information within Banner, use the Personal Information Menu within Banner Self-Service to do this.

The data you provide will be sent to the State Emergency Management Office by SUNY System Administration. It will be sent to no other third parties, public or private. You will be able to alter your data at any time on the Banner Self-Service Personal Information menu including the option to remove yourself from the system. Data is transmitted weekly so registration and data changes can take up to seven days to alter the alert system.

We consider this data critical and strongly encourage your participation. You will be able to enroll at any time using the Personal Information Menu in Banner Self-Service. You will be prompted at the beginning of each semester to confirm your decision regarding participation and offered an opportunity to update your personal contact data.

By submitting contact information you are providing your consent for disclosure of this information to both SUNY System Administration and to the State Emergency Management Office.