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Brockport / NYCAS / Academic Penal Sessions

Academic Panel Sessions




PANEL 1: Islam Then and Now: Perceptions and Realities

Chair: Suhail Islam

Constructing Media Violence: Understanding South Asian literature and media in a post 9/11 America
Suhail Islam (Nazareth College)

Homeland Security: The Modern Day Red Scare. Perceptions of Islam in America
Cierra Wallace (The College at Brockport, SUNY)

Ideals of Islamic State under Omar the great: historical perspective
Ly Nguyen (University of Maryland)

PANEL 2: Restructuring Systems of Education & Tradition

CHAIR: Jie Zheng  

Early Childhood Education in China
Jie Zhang (The College at Brockport, SUNY)
Backlash against Democracy: Japans education Restructuring
Koide Reiko (SUNY Binghamton)
Yu Dan and her Critics: The Yin and Yang of Conserving Tradition
Terry Tak-ling Woo (University of Toronto, CANADA)

PANEL 3: Women's Labor and Families

CHAIR: Connie Schemo  

American Women Missionary Physicians, Chinese Medical Students, and Work/Family Balance
Connie Shemo (Plattsburgh College)
Parental Son Preference and the Household Chores of Children: the Indian Case
Tin-chi Lin (Princeton University)
The New Tokyo Rose: Changing Geography of Japanese Women in Workplace & Effects on Family
David Patt (Local Teacher, West Irondequoit School District))


PANEL 4: Pakistani Americans at Crossroads

CHAIR: Faizan Haq

Merging Cutural Identities and Configuring Integration
Faizan Haq (Buffalo State)
A Perspective From the Youth
Taqdees Razzaq (George Mason University)
The Role of Pakistani American Organizations
Irfan Malik (PakPAC)


PANEL 5: Art and Politics

CHAIR: Kristin Stapleton  

An Open Invitation to Chiang Kai Shek, Courtesy of Europe  
Ilaria Scaglia ( SUNY Buffalo)
Jai Ho! AR Rahman and the Global Journey of South Asian Musical Identity
Natalie Sarrazin (The College at Brockport)
Confrontation and Admonition: Tsuguharu Foujita's The Wrestlers of Peiping and Chinoserie in Japanese Painting in the 1930s
Ikuyo Nakagawa (City University of New York)


PANEL 6 : Economic Development: Technology, Community, and Religion  

CHAIR: Jose Maliekal  

Constructing Automobility in Interwar Japan
Trent Maxey (Amherst College)  
The role of Community for rural development, case study South Korea in 1970s
Nayoung Jo (SUNY- ESF)
Institutions vs Culture in Economic Performance:Compar Neo-Confucianism/Bhuddism
M.K.Jeong,  KOREA
  Ray Dongryul Kim (Rochester Institute of Technology)




PANEL 7: Pedogy: Bringing Asia into the Classroom  

CHAIR: Kristin Bayer

Tools for Creating Connections for Non-majors
Kristin Bayer (Marist College)
The Place of Taste in an Asian Histories Survey: Tea and Classical China
Deirdre Murphy (Culinary Institute of America)
Akira Kurosawa and Composition Writing
Anne Henry (Culinary Institute of America)

PANEL 8: Globalization and Islam

CHAIR: Jeff Gower

Sheathing the Sword: Attempts to Make Peace with the Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines
Jeff Gower (SUNY Buffalo)

Islamic Gold Dinar: Towards a Fair and Equitable Trading Currency
Jeff Chow (SUNY Buffalo) 

Politics of Islam, the State, and Contested Cultural Identity in Bangladesh: Ulama and Activism
Humayun Kabir (Hiroshima University, JAPAN)

PANEL 9: Democracy and Development in Turkey

CHAIR: Baban Hasnat

Stipulative vs. Empirical Democracy: Turkey
Deniz Gozler ( Istanbul Bilgi University, TURKEY )
Decentralization and Democracy:Two Urban Council Experiences in Turkey
Ege Özen ( SUNY Binghamton)

Development Agencies in Turkey: Cases of İstanbul and İzmir Development Agencies
Sedef Turper ( Istanbul Bilgi University, TURKEY )



PANEL 10:   Peace and Economic Development in South Asia

Roundtable with an Emphasis on Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India

CHAIR: Vikash Yadav ( Hobart & William Smith)
              Victoria Farmer (SUNY Geneseo)
               Feisal Khan (Mt. Holyoke College)
               Fida Mohammad (SUNY Oneota)

PANEL 11: D ia sp ora fro   m East And West: Historical Perspective

CHAIR: Deborah Reed-Danahay

Images of Overseas Chinese in Italy from 1920s to Present
Violetta Ravagnoli (SUNY Buffalo)
Chinese Sugar Master and the Transpacific Export of Environmental Knowledge
Gregory Rosenthal (SUNY Stonybrook)
A German Engineer Yankee in the Chinese Industrialists' Court: Gustavus Leinnung's efforts in Late Qing and Early Republican Era Mining Schemes
Jeff Hornibrook (SUNT Plattsburgh)


PANEL 12: Te chnology and Non-State Actors in Localization of Knowlede

CHAIR: J. Victor Koschman

A Census for Policing the Colony: Taiwan 1905
Akiko Ishii (Cornell)
Policing Reality in Early 20th Century Siam
Samson Lim (Cornell)
China's entry into the Korean War and the Formation of the Logic of Just War
Masuda Hajimu (Cornell)




PANEL 13:  Democracy in Asia: Past and Present

CHAIR: Theodore Wright

Historical Marginalization, Social Exclusion & Inclusive Efforts Towards Denotified Tribes in India          
Shirish Athawale ( IIT Bombay,Mumbai, INDIA)
Quest for Democracy in Pakistan: Failure of the Governing Elites
S.N. Kaushik (University of Rajathan, INDIA)
Indonesia and Trend of Un-Democratic Southeast Asia
Awidya Santikajaya   (Johns Hopkins University)


PANEL 14 Literary Representations and Cultural Studies

CHAIR: Yipeng Shen

Chinese Rural Biopolitics and the Disease of the Nation: Yan Lianke and The Dream of Ding Village           
Yipeng Shen (Trinity College)
“Resistance Begins at ‘Home’”: Art, Satire, and Revolution in Vietnam
Sarah Jones Dickens (Duke University)
Parallelisms in "non"-meanings of "Orientalism" in Persian literature: Before and Now
Alireza Korangy (University of Virginia)


PANEL 15 : Interfaith Relations

CHAIR: Carl Davila

Connections in the Unconnected: A Comparison of Hawaiian and Japanese Spiritual Beliefs
Yoshiko Okuyama (University of Hawaii)

Politics of language in South Asia: The communal relations between Hindus and Muslims
Suhail Islam (Nazareth College)

“Ornament of the World” or Hiccup in History? al-Andalus as a Model for Interfaith Coexistence
Carl Davila (The College at Brockport, SUNY)

PANEL 16 : Chinese Literary and Cultural Studies

CHAIR: Fang Lu

From Negative to Positive: Shifting Images of Chinese Women in English translations (1890s-1950s) of Chinese Literary Works
Fang Lu  (Boston College)
Shi Emulation and Chuan Transmission: Posotion of Poet in Du Fu's "Jiemen shier Shou"
Ying Qin (University of Wisconsin)

Translation of Strategy of Modernity in Early 20th Century China
Jing Wang (Colgate University)

PANEL 17 : Asian Diaspora in New York: Constructing self and Community

CHAIR: Pilapa Esara

Displacement and Resettlement: the case of Burmese refugees in Rochester          
Pilapa Esara  (The College at Brockport, SUNY)
Defining 'Afghanness': Performing and Claiming Afghan Identity within the New York Afghan Diaspora.
Helena Zeweri  (New York University)
Confronting Tall Orders: Constructing a sense of Community among Chinese in New York City
Annie Sheng  (Columbia University)


PANEL 18 Historical Perspective on the Role of Women in Politics and Society

CHAIR: George Zhao

The Emergence of "New Good Wives, Wise Mothers" Discourse in Rep. China (1931-37)
Ling Ma  (SUNY Buffalo)
Korean Women in Mongol Yuan Court: Female Political Influence and Mongol -Koryo Relation During the 13th and 14th Centuries
George Zhao  (Skidmore College)
Cosmopolitan Collectors: Patronage and Consumption in the Zenana
Angma Jhala  (Bentley University)

PANEL 19 : Japan Studies: Historical

CHAIR: Patricia Welch

Reassessing Lafcadio Hearn: Meiji Japan's Exote Observer
Patricia M. Welch  ( Hofstra University)

Historical Memories of the Two-Sworded Men in Japanese Society: Between Past and Present
Anatoliy Anshin  ( Moscow International Higher Business School "MIRBIS" / Russian State University for the Humanities.)


PANEL 20 :

Democracy in China: Political Science and International Relations

CHAIR: Nagatomi Hirayama  

Public Participation and Representation in Reform China-Case Study on Public Hearings
Ceren Ergenc
The Third Path to Democracy: Chinese Youth party and Chinese Democratic League
Nagatomi Hirayama (University of Pennsylvania)

PANEL 21 : Issues of Healthcare

CHAIR: Tiantian Zheng

"Ethnographic Research on Health Issues in China’s Urban Sex Industry: Condom Use and HIV/AIDS"
Tiantian Zheng (SUNY Cortland)
The " Modern" Herbal: Medical Knowledge and Practice Bangladesh
Karen M McNamara (Syracuse University)

PANEL 22 : Women and Rural Labor

CHAIR: Pilepa Esara

Agriculture and Beyond: Finding Women's place in Thailand's Rural Farm Economy
Rebakah Minarchek  (Cornell University)
Urban Modernity, Social Identity and Gender Inequality: The Gender politics of Female Migrant Laborers in the Special Economic Zones of Global China
Ning Liao  ( Old Dominion University)       

PANEL 23 : Civil Society and Labor  

CHAIR: Jennifer Hsu

Democracizing To Democracy: Building Conflict-Resolution Institutions for Asian New Democracies
Le Thi Ngoc Kim (National University of Singapore, SINGAPORE )
The Development of Chinese Civil Society: Case Study of Migrant NGO's
Jennifer Hsu  (SUNY Binghamton)


PANEL 24 : Law and Order in Asia

CHAIR: Korni S. Kumar

Law and Order in India
Korni Kumar (The College at Brockport, SUNY )

Law Enforcement in Pakistan: A Capacity Building Approach to Sustainable Democracy
Amna Imam ( The College at Brockport SUNY)


PANEL 25 : Roundtable on Kashmir

CHAIR: Muhammad Rumi

The Cockpit of South Asia: A Way Forward
Muhammad Rumi (Independent),
Justine Hardy (Financial Times)



PANEL 26 : Literature and History in Medieval and Early Modern Japan

CHAIR: Roberta Stripoli

From Fiction to History: Statues, Memorial stones, Apocryphal Documents, & the Tales of Heike
Roberta Strippoli (SUNY Binghampton)
The Road to Peace: A Utopian Vision of Society in the Taiheiki
Jeremy Sather (University of Pennsylvania)
Sentimental Surrender: The changing Rhetoric of Capitulation in 16th Cent. Japan
David Eason (SUNY Albany)
Skeletons in the Flesh: History & Didactic Revisionism in Yomihon and Santo Kyoden
Dylan Mcgee (SUNY New Palz)


PANEL 27 : East Asian Families in Transition

CHAIR: Michael Pettid

Women on the Farm: A study of Women in Rural Choson Korea
Michael Pettid (SUNY Binghamton)
Pasts, Presences, and Futures in Natsume Soseki's Michikusa
David C. Stahl (SUNY Binghamton)
Envisioning the Christian Family: Home, Childhood, Good Health in Colonial Korea Mission Encounters
Sonja Kim SUNY Binghamton)
Familism and Literary Social Space in Transition: The Dilemmas of Infectious Postmeodernism in Notes of a Desolate Man
Nick Kaldis (SUNY Binghamton)


PANEL 28 : Environment: The Asian Landscape

CHAIR: Kim Irvine

Capacity Building for Environmental Assessment in Cambodia- Successes and Challenges
Irvine, Kim (Buffalo State)

Japan and East Asian Environmental Regionalism
Tai Wei Lim ( Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)
Reimaging Landscape Experience in Highland Sri Lanka
Bonnie MacDougal,  
Mingling effect of Ahent Orange upon Vietnam: an environmental Nightmare
Ly Nguyen (University of Maryland)


PANEL 29: Pakistan: Historical Perspectives on Politics and Identity

CHAIR: Faizan Haq

Pakistan: Cultural Identity, Civil Society and Nation Making
Faizan Haq  (SUNY Buffalo)
Parting of Ways: Political Evolutions of Pakistan Movement, 1857-1929
Salahuddin Malik           (The College at Brockport, SUNY)
Pakistan Resolution March 23, 1940: Analysis
Muhammed Rumi          

Impact of Mod. Science on Muslim Society (Hisorical Perspect. With Reference to Pakistani Society Muhammad Shafiq (Nazareth College)



PANEL 30 Roundtable: Democracy in Asia: Challenges and Responses

CHAIR: Richard Chu

Democracy in the 21st Century: A model of its ingredients 
William Daniels (Rochester Institute of Technology) 

Democracy in India: Issues and Solutions 
James Troisi (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Democracy in Korea: Conflicts of Positive and Negative Social Capitals
Ray Dongryul Kim (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Democracyin Asia:Democracy:Challenges by Tradition 
Richard Chu (Rochester Institute of Technology) 


PANEL 31 :State Violence and Civil Rights  

CHAIR: Neal Keating

Developing Human Rights Indicators for Indigenous Peoples in Cambodia: Problems and Potentials
Neal Keating  (The College at Brockport, SUNY)
Explaining Variation in China's Diplomatic Response to Violence against Ethnic Chinese in Cambodia and Indonesia
Anna Bautista  (Cornell)

Institution as Medium: NHRIs & RHRIs in Asian Human Rights Context
Buhm-Suk Baek (Cornell)   

Life and Death in the Borderlands: The Armed Forces Special Powers Act and Indian State Sovereignty 
Shubh Mathur (Point Park University) 


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