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Brockport / Assessment and Testing / Foreign Language

Foreign Language Placement Exam


The Department of Modern Languages and Cultures offers placement testing in French, German, and Spanish. For all other languages, contact the department to arrange testing.

All language tests take place in Room 53 of the Drake Memorial Library.   Exams are administered by the Office for Assessment and Testing.

It is recommended that ALL students who have studied a language in high school take the Foreign Language Placement Exam to attempt to waive their General Education Foreign Language Requirement and /or reduce the number of classes they will need to fulfill the requirement.

Students should register online by logging into ANGEL and finding the Exam Registration section located on their ANGEL home page. Students will need an Angel account and a Photo ID before being allowed to take the test. The test takes one hour and is a multiple-choice format with questions on grammar and reading comprehension.   

Please visit the Exam Registration page to see the current schedule and detailed steps to reserve your seat.    



Last Updated 1/14/14