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edTPA Updates

Final Dates for Submissions Using 2013 Handbooks

Please note that edTPA portfolios developed with the 2013 handbooks and templates should be submitted no later than the following dates:


Assessment Areas

Submit by

Schedule A

Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Elementary Literacy, Elementary Mathematics, Secondary English-Language Arts, Secondary History/Social Studies, Secondary Mathematics, Secondary Science, Special Education, Visual Arts

November 13, 2014

Schedule B

Agricultural Education, Business Education, English as an Additional Language, Family and Consumer Sciences, Health Education, K–12 Performing Arts, K–12 Physical Education, Middle Childhood English-Language Arts, Middle Childhood History/Social Studies, Middle Childhood Mathematics, Middle Childhood Science, Technology and Engineering Education, World Language

November 6, 2014


edTPA Retake Guidelines

EdTPA has created guidelines for re-take decision making and support. Click on this link to access them for all areas except Special Education: edTPA retake guidelines.

Click here to access the Special Education re-take guidance document: Special Education edTPA retake guidelines.

EdTPA has also released a document on submission guidelines. Click here to access it: edTPA Submission Requirements


edTPA "Safety Net"

An edTPA “safety net” option has been implemented by NYSED which permits a candidate to use a passing score on the ATS-W in lieu of the edTPA to earn the initial certificate. 

ALL of the following criteria must be met for the “safety net” option to apply:

  •  Initial certificate candidate must complete and submit the edTPA for certification purposes.
  • The ATS-W must be taken AFTER receipt of a failing score on the edTPA for it to be used in lieu of the edTPA*(see below for exception). 
  • The ATS-W must be taken and passed PRIOR to June 30, 2015 for it to be used in lieu of the edTPA.

Effective April 29, 2015:  The deadline for meeting all other certification requirements including workshops and exams has been extended to June 30, 2016. The edTPA exam and ATS-W exam as a Safety Net Option remains June 30, 2015.

  • *If the candidate passed the ATS-W on or before April 30, 2014 (before the new certification exam requirements became effective) it can also be used in lieu of the edTPA as long as the 1st and 4th bullets noted above are also satisfied.

Please note that the “safety net” is an option, not a required course of action.  A student who fails the edTPA may also elect to submit an edTPA retake. 


Test Voucher Code for taking the ATS-W after Failing the edTPA

The NY State Education Department is pleased to announce that teacher certification candidates who fail  the edTPA and  choose to  take the ATS-W instead of retaking the edTPA pursuant to the “Safety Net” adopted by the Board of Regents at its April 2014 meeting may request a test voucher code to take the ATS-W at no cost to the candidate.

Please note that there are no eligibility requirements for this voucher except that the candidate must have already taken and failed the edTPA.

To apply for a voucher  code for  the ATS-W, please send an email with your (i) Name as it appears in your TEACH account, (ii) last five digits of your Social Security Number, (iii) Date of Birth, and (iv) your current Email Address to with a short statement that a test voucher code is requested.  Upon receipt of this email and verification of the candidate’s edTPA score, candidates will receive a test voucher code in an email to be used when registering for the ATS-W.

Again, please note that there are no eligibility requirements for this voucher except that the candidate must have already taken and failed the edTPA.

Any questions regarding this test voucher must be directed to the NY State Education Department at


edTPA Retake Support Option

SUNY Fredonia is now offering an edTPA support course that is open to EVERYONE! This course will support professionals in the development of an edTPA portfolio that is required for certification in New York State. It is intended for professionals who are NOT enrolled in one of Fredonia's initial teacher preparation programs. However, there are two sets of professionals this course is intended for: (1) those who have failed the edTPA and need to retake it, and (2) those who have already completed a teacher education program (either in New York or out-of-state) seeking NYS certification who have never taken the edTPA.

Last Updated 4/29/15