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2008 Orientalism Conference

Alhough it has been challenged in various ways, the influence of Dr. Edward Said’s book Orientalism has outlived its author, touching both academics and activists by critiquing the relations of power that operate between East and West, and between Self and Other. This inter-disciplinary event, that was held April 12, 2008, has encouraged reflection on what Edward Said did, what it has meant in academe and in the larger society, and how the questions he raised might be answered in the 21st century.

A very interesting array of panelists were on hand, representing four nations and the disciplines of History, Comparative Literature, Art History, Sociology, Law and Gender Studies.

In addition, we were delighted to welcome Mrs. Raheel Raza as our keynote speaker. Mrs. Raza is a journalist and activist in the Toronto area, working on women’s issues and interfaith dialogue. A dynamic speaker who brings to the discussion a rich, practical background in matters of cross-cultural contact, she will be speaking about the impact on her career of the reevaluation of Muslim-Western relations brought about by the work of Dr.Said.

For further information, feel free to contact Dr. Carl Davila or Dr.Takashi Nishiyama.

Sponsored by the College at Brockport Better Community GICD fund, the Department of History, the William C. Rock Endowment for Liberal Arts, and the School of Letters and Sciences.