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Freshman Orientation

Where Your Journey Begins!

Summer 2016


There are 6 sessions to choose from.  Sessions are first come first serve for registration.

Pick the one that best fits your summer schedule. 

Session 1:     July 7-8 (Honors College students are requested to attend this session)

Session 2:     July 11-12

Session 3:     July 14-15

Session 4:     July 18-19

Session 5:     July 21-22

Session 6:     July 25-26

**Summer Orientation is an overnight program.

The Program begins at 12:30p.m. on day 1 and ends around 1:00p.m. on day 2. Please plan accordingly when making your travel arrangements. You need to attend the session in its entirety.  


Registration is Open!

  1. Log onto Web Banner

  2. Click on Student Services

  3. Click on Admissions

  4. Select Summer Orientation Registration


At Summer Orientation, our goal is to help you:

  • Form relationships with faculty, staff, students, and peers

  • Receive and understand your fall course schedule

  • Identify campus resources

  • Learn ways to become involved on campus

  • Understand our policies and procedures

  • Familiarize yourself with campus



Last Updated 4/18/16