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Summer Orientation Leaders

Apply to be an

Orientation Leader

 Complete the application here by Feb. 5, 2015

 Application Procedures
• Please submit your completed application by Thursday Feb. 5, 2015.
• Candidates selected for a group interview will be notified via e-mail in their Brockport account by Monday, Feb. 9. The Group Interview Process will be held the evenings of Wednesday, Feb. 11 and Thursday, Feb.12. Please keep your calendar open from 5-7pm for both or one of these evenings
• Finalists will be selected and notified for individual interviews by Wednesday, Feb. 18. 
• Individual interviews will take place the weeks of Feb. 23 and March 2.
• Orientation Leaders will be selected and notified via e-mail by Friday March 13. 

What is an OL?
• OLs play a vital role in helping new students and their families adjust to our campus and community by creating a welcoming and informative environment. 
• OLs are resources for students and their parents for information about academic policies and programs, social organizations, campus life and curricular/co-curricular activities.
• OLs assist with orientation events by leading discussion groups and answering questions from incoming students and their families. 
• OLs are representatives of The College at Brockport during Summer Orientation, who assist with the implementation of the program from July 6-July 25, and assist in the preparation of all activities and materials. They are present for all training (June 29-July 3) and preparatory sessions. 

Job Description and Responsibilities
• Serve as a peer advisor for new students. 
• Attend training sessions regarding college policies, educational requirements and services.
• Participate in teambuilding and leadership development.
• Assist with general administrative preparations as needed. 
• Facilitate large and small group discussions about campus life, academics and the Brockport community.
• Help new students and their guests feel welcome by being responsive to and aware of their needs and concerns. 
• Supervise Orientation attendees in the residence halls at all times during their visit.

Qualifications for Consideration

Candidates must be:
• A Brockport student who will be matriculated in the fall of 2015.
• In good disciplinary and academic standing (minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5).

Preference will be given to candidates who meet the following preferred qualifications:
• Involved in co-curricular activities.
• Exhibit excellent communication skills and leadership capabilities.
• Ability and desire to work with students, faculty and staff.
• Have a strong commitment to The College at Brockport and the philosophy behind the OL position.
• Have a positive, motivated, and professional work ethic.

Time Commitment and Expectations
o One week training: June 29-July 3 
o All Orientation Sessions: July 6-July 24 (including all training and preparatory activities, as well as all six sessions).
o Attendance at a ½ day training session in May – Date TBD
• Will not enroll in courses or commit to hold additional employment between June 29 and July 24. (employment may be allowed if hours don’t conflict – requires formal approval)
• Will stay in residence hall with incoming students and guests.

• $1,500 (pre-tax) compensation for the four week summer program and one meeting in the spring semester. 
• A double room on campus (to be shared with another OL).
• Meals during each Orientation session (dinner, breakfast & lunch), plus a meal stipend (added to your Easy Money account, in addition to the salary – this is NOT intended to last the duration of the program, nor is the First-year Experience office responsible for providing you with food on days off or during training). 

Date Breakdown:
Move In - June 27/28
Training - June 29-July 3
Orientation - July 6-24
Move Out - July 25




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