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Summer Orientation Student Advisors

Apply to be an

Orientation Student Advisor (OSA)


• Play a vital role in helping new students and their families adjust to our campus and community by creating a welcoming and informative environment. 
• Are resources for students and their parents for information about academic policies and programs, social organizations, campus life and curricular/co-curricular activities.
• Assist with orientation events by leading discussion groups and answering questions from incoming students and their families. 
• Are representatives of The College at Brockport during Summer Orientation.
• Assist with the implementation of the Orienation program from June 16 through July 11 and in the preparation of all activities and materials. 
• Are present for all training and preparatory sessions.

Job Description and Responsibilities:
• Serve as a peer advisor for new students. 
• Participate in OSA training June 16 - 20.
• Assist with general administrative preparations as needed. 
• Facilitate large and small group discussions about campus life, academics and degree requirements.
• Help new students and their guests feel comfortable by being responsive to and aware of their needs and concerns. 
• Supervise Orientation attendees in the residence halls at all times during their visit.
• Assist new students with the registration and scheduling process.

Qualifications for Consideration:
Candidates must be:
• Brockport students who will be matriculated in Fall 2014.
• In good disciplinary and academic standing (minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5).

Preference will be given to candidates who meet the following preferred qualifications:
• Involved in co-curricular activities.
• Are hard-working, flexible and have a sense of humor. 
• Exhibit excellent communication skills and leadership capabilities.
• Have the ability and desire to work with students, faculty and staff.
• Are strongly committed to The College at Brockport and the philosophy behind the OSA position.
• Demonstrate a positive and motivated attitude.

Time Commitment and Expectations: 
o Complete a one week training: June 16-20 
o Attend all Orientation Sessions: June 23-July 11 (including all training and preparatory activities, as well as all five sessions).
o Attend a ½ day training session in May – Date TBD
• Will not enroll in courses or commit to hold additional employment between June 16 and July 11. (employment may be allowed if hours don’t conflict – requires formal approval)
• Will stay in residence hall with incoming students and guests.

• $1,500 (pre-tax) compensation for the four week summer program and one meeting in the spring semester. 
• A double room on campus (to be shared with another OSA).
• Meals during each Orientation session (dinner, breakfast & lunch), plus a meal stipend (added to Easy Money account, in addition to the salary. The meal stipend is NOT intended to last the duration of the program, nor is the First-year Experience office responsible for providing food on days off or during training). 


Selection Process & Important Dates:
• Applications due Monday, February 10th by 4:00 pm
• Group interview: Evenings of Wednesday, February 12th or Thursday, February 13th 
• Notification letters for individual interviews will be sent  Wednesday, February 19th
• Individual interviews will take place the week of February 24th 
• Final section and notification of our Summer 2014 OSAs will take place on Friday, March 14th.
• Spring Training: Tentatively scheduled for first Saturday in May.
• Move into Residence Halls on June 15th


Summer 2014 Orientation Student Advisors

Applications are Closed for 2014



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