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Brockport / Students with Disabilities / Services For Students

Services For Students

OSD provides services according to each student's individual documentation. Services include but are not limited to: sign language interpreters; notetakers; extended time on tests; use of the alternate location for tests; tests read on tape or use of a screen reading program; and priority registration. All accommodations are determined during an intake appointment based on the student's history, documentation and needs.

Letter of Accommodation

Students whose documentation addresses the need for accommodations will receive letters of accommodation from the Coordinator. The letter of accommodation is provided for each of the student's instructors outlining the student's needs for the semester. Students are responsible for providing their instructors with the letter.

At the beginning of every semester, students are advised to pick up letters of accommodation. It is also recommended that students then meet with each instructor, in private, to review the letter and discuss how the instructor can be of assistance. This private meeting is also an excellent opportunity to complete OSD Testing Accommodations forms.


Arrangements for priority registration are determined on a "case-by-case" basis and upon evaluation of documentation. All students eligible for these services will receive notification via email approximately two to three weeks prior to registration.


Last Updated 4/28/15