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Commuter Student Parking Information

Consider all transportation options before purchasing a parking permit.

  • Campus Shuttle - The Eagle Run shuttle gets you around campus and town. Stops include Wal-Mart, Wegman's, the central business district of Brockport, Brockport Crossings, and College Suites. This shuttle also services the airport, Amtrak, and Trailways hubs in the Rochester area during semester breaks.
  • Rideshare - This FREE online tool helps match riders and drivers from similar areas traveling to the same destination - either for a regular carpool relationship or for a one-time trip. If a regular ridesharing relationship is formed, commuting students can apply for a Carpool Permit. Carpool permit holders receive premium parking spaces, 5 day passes per semester, a guaranteed ride home in emergencies, plus save money on permit costs!
  • Hertz on Demand  - For the student living just off campus, two vehicles will be available on campus for students to rent for errands and short trips. Students will need to be a member of the Hertz on Demand program to take advantage of this option. Membership is free.
  • Taxi on Demand - This is a pre-paid card that can be used to call and pay for a taxi when it's not convenient or safe to drive or walk. It's accepted by thousands of cab companies nationwide, and by four cab companies in the Brockport/Rochester area.

Important Parking Information for 2012-13:

  • Permits are available for sale online. Use the My Parking Account link in the menu on the left. Commuter permits are available June 4.
  • No permits are required in Lots V, V1, and X during the first three days of classes to allow additional time to purchase your permit. This does not apply to metered, handicapped, reserved, service, or visitor areas. Vehicles with a permit must display it properly and park in their designated lots.
  • All visitors must obtain a daily permit to park on campus. Day passes (in most cases) are $4 and can be obtained at the Conrad Welcome Center (during business hours) or University Police or the multi-space pay station located in lots T or V (after hours) if parking on campus 2 am - 7 pm, Monday - Thursday or 2 am - 5 pm, Friday. Visitors may park in any lot except A, C, L (Admissions), and Y with a pass. Visitors staying overnight are required to park in lots X or V1, Sunday - Friday. When using the pay station, display the receipt on the driver's side dashboard in lieu of a permit. 
  • Visitors who arrive on campus after 5:30 pm may choose to park and pay at a meter until 7 pm. No permit is required Monday - Thursday 7 pm - 2 am. 
  • Students visiting from the MetroCenter can either purchase a day pass from the Conrad Welcome Center or parking and pay at a meter.

Last Updated 5/29/12