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Faculty/Staff Parking Information

Consider all transportation options before purchasing a parking permit.

  • Rideshare - This free online tool helps match riders and drivers from similar areas traveling to the same destination - either for a regular carpool relationship or for a one-time trip. If a regular ridesharing relationship is formed, consider applying for a Carpool Permit. Carpool permit holders can save money on permit costs (non-union employees), plus have access to premium parking spaces on campus!
  • Public Transportation - The Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority (RGRTA) has several routes between Brockport and the surrounding areas. Bus passes are available for purchase at the BASC Business Office located on the first floor of Brockway Hall. State employees may use pre-tax income to pay for public transportation using NYS Ride

Important Parking Information for 2014-15:

  • Permits are available for sale online. Use the My Parking Account link in the menu on the left. Purchase permit before August 1, 2014. All permits will be mailed to your permanent address.
  • No permits are required in Lots V, V1, and X during the first three days of classes to allow additional time to purchase your permit.   This does not apply to metered, handicapped, reserved, service or visitor areas. Vehicles with a permit must display it properly and park in their designated lots. 
  • All visitors must obtain a daily permit to park on campus or pay and park at a meter. Day passes (in most cases) are $5 and can be obtained at the Conrad Welcome Center (during business hours). In addition, visitors may use a meter or the pay station located in Lot V. When using the pay station, display the receipt on the driver's side dashboard and park in lots T, V, or V1 during the day and lots V1 or X overnight. If further assistance is needed after hours, visit University Police in Lathrop Hall.  Visitors who arrive on campus after 5:30 pm may choose to park and pay at a meter until 7 pm. No permit is required Monday - Thursday 7 pm - 2 am or 5 pm Friday - 2 am Monday. Refer to the campus map.

Last Updated 6/2/14