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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I borrow a bike?
First, sign up online and complete the bike rental agreement. Allow 24 hours before renting a bike, then stop by either the Conrad Welcome Center or Seymour College Union during building hours. At check-out, you will be required to show your college ID. Be safe and have fun. The program is free to enrolled students, faculty and staff.

How long can I keep the bike?
All equipment checked out must be returned within 24 hours. Long-term rentals may be available from the Conrad Welcome Center. 

Where do I return the bike?
The bike must be returned to the same location it was signed out.

Is there a fee for late returns?
Yes.  All late returns will incur a $5/day fee. All fees must be paid before you can borrow again.

Am I liable should the bike be stolen or damaged?
Yes. Locks are provided for each bike so please be sure to secure the bike. A replacement fee may be assessed for lost, stolen or damaged bike, helmet, lock, etc.

Where can I find more information on bike rules, safety tips, fitness, and local biking areas?
Bike rules and safety tips:

Brockport Faculty/Staff Handbook:
Policy relating to bicycles

Local biking areas: 
Hamlin Beach State Park
Erie Canal  

What are the benefits to bike borrowing?

  1. Protect the environment. Did you know that for every mile you walk or bike, you will save 1 pound of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere?  Also, a 4-mile round trip by bicycle prevents the production of 15 lbs. of air pollution.
  2. It's healthy.
  3. It's affordable. Save money on gas, plus the program is free for students!
  4. It's hassle-free. No searching for the closest parking space.
  5. Access to the community. Check out all the village has to offer.
  6. It's fun! Need we say more?

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Last Updated 6/3/14