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Brockport / KSSPE / Graduate Tracks / Synthesis

Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies, and Physical Education (KSSPE)

Synthesis Project Titles- 1999-2000

August, 2000

  1. "Effective Social Intervention Strategies for Preschool Children with Disabilities."   Gross, Veronica M.  (Stuart)
  2. "Effectiveness of Coach Training on the Youth Sport Experience."  Seward, David.    (Stuart)"
  3. Exploring Methods of Intervention Through Physical Activity and Physical Education    for Violent and Disruptive Teens."  Kyle-Blamphin, Bonnie.  (Stuart)
  4. "Gender Equity Issues within Physical Education."  Ellis, Gail.  (Stuart)
  5. "Perceived Effects of Sport Specialization on High School Athletic Programs." Willoughby, Stephen M.  (Stuart)
  6. "The Components that Affect the Morale of Faculty."  Ricci, Fred.  (Stuart)
  7. "The Effects of Block Scheduling on Physical Education."  Ball, Christine M.  (Stuart)
  8. "The Effects of Peer Tutoring on Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings."   Tucker, Dana.  (Stuart)
  9. "Why Female Athlete Injuries Are on the Rise in the High School, Collegiate &     Professional Ranks."  Veley, Craig O.  (Stuart)

May, 2000

  1. "Creatine Supplementation and its Effects on Athletic Performance."  Mortier, Gregory A.  (Stuart)
  2. "Determining Effective Peer Tutor Training Methods within Physical Education and  Academic Classes."  Baum, Tammy.  (Stuart)
  3. "Predictors for the Overall Decline of Female Coaches Since the Implemention of Title  IX."  Stewart, Laural A.  (Stuart)
  4. "Teaching Strategies for the Affective Domain."  Riotto, Matthew, R.  (Stuart)
  5. "The Benefits of a Creative Dance Program for Improving Motor Functioning in Children with Developmental Delays."  Cook, Neil (Stuart)
  6. "The Benefits of Assessment: Exploring the Role of Teacher and Student."  Dillenbeck,   Alan L.  (Stuart)
  7. "The Benefits of Sports on Special Populations."  Crawford, Joanna E.  (Stuart)

December, 1999

  1. "An Activity-Based Approach Versus a Teacher-Directed Approach to Intervention for   Individuals with Developmental Disabilities."  Graf, Daniel.  (Colby)
  2. "The Impact of Title IX on Women in Sport."  Felong, Robin.  (Stuart)
  3. "What are the Sociocultural Aspects of Physical Activity?"  Donohue, Brian.  (Stuart)
  4. "Effects of Alcohol Use and/or Abuse on Motor Development of Young Children, Ages  Birth to Five Years Old."  Eustace, Timothy, R.  (Stuart)

August, 1999

  1. "Assessment in Physical Education: A Comparison of Traditional Assessment and Authentic Assessment."  Forman, Andrew J.  (Colby)
  2. "Coaching Styles: Implications for Athletes and Coaches." Eavenson, David R.  (Stuart)
  3. "The Effects of Daily Physical Education: A Synthesis of the Literature." Lampman,  Douglas.  (Stuart)
  4. "The Spin Versus the Glide in the Shot Put: Which Is More Effective, if at All?"  Hink,   Andrea.  (Colby)