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Brockport / KSSPE / Graduate Tracks / Synthesis

Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies, and Physical Education (KSSPE)

Synthesis Project Titles- 2000-2001

December, 2001

  1. "An Analysis of Hydration Status Before, During and After Exercise."  Simon, David P.    (Torres)
  2. "The Effects of a Project Adventure Program on the Self-Esteem, Self-Concept, and   Levels of Active Participation of School Age Students."  Kleitz, Todd.  (Torres)

August, 2001

  1. "A Comparison of Coeducational and Single-Sex Physical Education."  Wille, Kerry.  (Brock)
  2. "An Analysis of Drug Testing of High School Athletes."  Welch, James M.  (Brock)
  3. "Coaching Salary Inequity in Collegiate Women's Athletics."  Grier, Christine M.  (Brock)
  4. "Performance Factors Influenced by Creatine Loading in Cycling."  Van Gorden, Chris.(Brock)
  5. "The Effectiveness of Increasing Levels of Physical Activity, Parental Involvement, and Decreasing Sedentary Activities for Treatment of Childhood Obesity."  Gill,   Ellen.  (Brock)
  6. "The Influence of Weight Training, Plyometrics, and Combined Training Methods on   Vertical Jump Performance."  Callari, Marc A.  (Brock)
  7. "The Relationship between Student Goal Orientations and Perception of Motivational   Climate in Middle School Students."  Darnell, Tim.  (Brock)
  8. "The Teacher-Coach Conflict and the Effects on Teaching Performance."  Rinaldi, Shawn A.  (Brock)
  9. "The Use of Two Teaching Strategies to Enhance Motor Performance of Students with  Disabilities."  Lischerelli, Bryan.  (Brock)

May, 2000

  1. "Coeducation Versus Same-Sex Classes in Physical Education: A Meta-Analysis of the Research Literature."  Sanford, Paul S.  (Melnick)
  2. "Effects of Adventure Education Programs on At-Risk Youth: A Synthesis of the Research Literature."  Sherman, Edward B.  (Melnick)
  3. "The Importance of Feedback to Motor Skill Acquisition in Physical Education: A Meta-Analysis of the Research Literature."  Mahar, Jeffrey M.  (Melnick)