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Brockport / KSSPE / Graduate Tracks / Synthesis

Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies, and Physical Education (KSSPE)

Synthesis Project Titles- 2001-2002

August, 2002

  1. "A Comparison of Assessment Techniques Utilized to Identify Minimum Weight Classesof High School Wrestlers."  Bruning, William.  (Cannioto)
  2. "A Comparison of Child-Directed and Teacher-Directed Learning Environments for Children with Learning Disabilities in Physical Education."  Coyle, Tim.  (Brock)
  3. "A Comparison of Drug Use among High School Athletes and Non-Athletes: Is There a Need for Drug Testing?"  Keenan, James.  (Cannioto)
  4. "An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Eating Disorder Prevention Programs for Females."  Evans, Heather.  (Cannioto)
  5. "An Analysis of the Motivational Forces that Influence Female Athletes."  Burgmaster,  Kristen.  (Brock)
  6. "Hamstring Tendon Versus Patellar Tendon Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Surgical Techniques."  Cheevers, Jeff.     (Cannioto)
  7. "Improving Vertical Jump in High School and College Athletes:  An Evaluation of the Safety and Effectiveness of Protocols Involving Plyometrics, Weight Training,  and Strength Shoes."  Miligan, Rob.  (Cannioto)
  8. "Management Techniques and Interventions for Controlling Inappropriate Behavior in Physical Education."  Shiesley, Kevin M.  (Brock)
  9. "Stress and Burnout in High School and College Athletes."  Tarson, Nicole C.  (Brock)
  10. "The Effect of Diet, Exercise, and Behavioral Interventions on Body Weight and Body  Composition of Obese Children and Adolescents:  A Current Review."  Menz,  Robert.  (Cannioto)
  11. "The Effects of Conceptual Physical Education on High School and College Students' Participation in Physical Activity."  Krueger, Krista.  (Brock)
  12. "The Effects of Imagery on High School and College Athletes' Anxiety, Confidence and Performance."  Uveino, Mike.  (Brock)
  13. "The Effects of Plyometric Training on Power, Speed and Agility."  Marean, David M.   (Brock)
  14. "The Relationship between Aggression and Performance in Ice Hockey."  Evans, David.   (Cannioto)

May, 2002

  1. "An Analysis of Multicultural Education Training Programs and Their Effects on  Teacher Preparation." Henry, Robin E.  (Torres)
  2. "An Analysis of Student Participation in Integrated and Regular Physical Education  Settings."  Henry, Koren P.  (Torres)
  3. "An Analysis of Teaching Styles in an Inclusive Physical Education Setting."  Stutz, William G.  (Torres)
  4. "Does a Sport Education Curriculum Improve the Participant's Social Responsibility? A Synthesis of the Research Literature."  Guesno, Alice.  (Melnick)
  5. "Effects of Adventure Education and Project Adventure Programs on Personality  Characteristics and Life Skills: A Synthesis of the Research Literature."  Barr,  Cheryl A.  (Melnick)
  6. "Hormonal Explanations of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries among Female Athletes: A Synthesis of the Research Literature."  Schoenl, Darrell.  (Melnick)
  7. "Teacher Attitudes Towards Block Scheduling in Physical Education: A Synthesis of the Research Literature."  Talone, Thomas.  (Melnick)
  8. "The Effect of Token Economy and Isolation Time-Out Teaching Strategies on   Elementary School Children with Emotional Disturbance."  Coles, Jamie S.  (Torres)
  9. "The Effects of Inclusion on the Attitudes of the Non-disabled Students in the Integrated   Physical Education Class."  Fierle, April D.  (Torres)
  10. "The Effects of Peer Tutoring Strategies in Inclusive Physical Education Settings."   Maphia, Marcie.  (Torres)
  11. "Why Do Adolescent Athletes Drop Out of Sports? A Synthesis of the Research Literature."  Stone, Timothy J.  (Melnick)

December, 2001

  1. "An Analysis of Hydration Status Before, During and After Exercise."  Simon, David P.    (Torres)
  2. "The Effects of a Project Adventure Program on the Self-Esteem, Self-Concept, and   Levels of Active Participation of School Age Students."  Kleitz, Todd.  (Torres)