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Brockport / KSSPE / Graduate Tracks / Synthesis

Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies, and Physical Education (KSSPE)

Synthesis Project Titles- 2002-2003

August, 2003

  1. "A Profile of Parental Behaviors Promoting Participation and Enjoyment of Physical Activity in Children.  Lacy, Joshua.  (Williams)
  2. "A Review of the Relationship Between Hormonal Fluctuations and Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries Among Female Athletes."  Scalise, Joseph.  (Cannioto)
  3. "A Review of the Use of Public Tax Dollars for Constructing New Professional Sports Facilities: Are Cities Helped or Hindered?"  Kennedy, Greg.  (Cannioto)"
  4. A Study on the Contributing Factors to Youth Physical Inactivity."  Bock, Joseph. (Williams)
  5. "An Analysis of Female Athletes' Preferences Towards Coach's Gender."  Thompson, Kerri,  (Cannioto)
  6. "An Analysis of the Risks Associated with Heading a Soccer Ball."  Cotsonas, John Thomas (Cannioto)
  7. "Athlete Profiles of Preferred Coaching Behaviors."  Wilson, Mark.  (Williams)
  8. "Athletics and Academics: An Analysis of Predictor Variables Affecting Academic Success of Division Athletics."  Provesti, David.  (Cannioto)
  9. "Cochlear Implants and Their Effect on Children's Involvement in Physical Education." Bowman, Danielle.  (Lieberman)
  10. "Coeducational and Same-Sex Physical Education:  The Impact on Curriculum."  Laird, Kurt.  (James)
  11. "Concussion and Contact Sports: A Review of the Use of Neuropsychological Assessments for Determining Return to Play Time."  McVean, Scott.  (Cannioto) 
  12. "Effective Instructional Strategies for Moral Development in K-Eight Grade Physical Education."  Niver, Christopher.  (James)
  13. "Effects of Mental Imagery on Closed Skill Performance:  A Synthesis of the Research Literature."  Schmitt, Richard F.  (Hager)
  14. "Factors Contributing to Aggressive Tendencies in Sport."  Allen, Timothy J.  (Hager)
  15. "Homework in Physical Education:  What Factors Make It Beneficial in Physical Education."  Jackson, Lisa.  (James)
  16. "Knee Injuries and the Effect of Athletic Surfaces, Shoes and Temperature."  Parisi, Gary.  (Lieberman)
  17. "Resistance Training During Adolescence: An Analysis of Effective and Ineffective Training Variables."  Farr, Jamie.  (Cannioto)
  18. "Teacher/Coach Role Conflict."  Morris, Jeremy.  (James)
  19. "Techniques to Improve Attention for Children with ADD."  Devogelaere, Sarah. (Lieberman)
  20. "The Effect of Extracurricular Activity Participation on the Academic Performance of High School Students.  Beatty, Carrie.  (Williams)
  21. "The Effectiveness of Curriculum Interventions in Increasing Moderate to Vigoruos Physical Activity During Physical Education Classes."  Aberi, Heidi.  (Hager)
  22. "The Effects of Coaching Leadership Behaviors on Athlete Satisfaction."  Allen, Rodney C.  (Hager)
  23. "The Positive and Negative Aspects of Block Scheduling in Comparison to Traditional Scheduling with Highlights in Physical Education."  Terry, Patty.  (Williams)
  24. "The Prevalence of Eating Disorders Among Athletes and Non Athletes: Who is More at Risk?"  Loncz, Maggie.  (Cannioto)

May, 2003

  1. "A Comparison of the Consequences Related to Ritalin Versus Exercise as a Treatment for Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder."  Guyett, Carrie E. (Hager)
  2. "At What Age Is it Safe to Begin Strength Training?"  Piper, Nicholas M.  (Hager)
  3. "College Athletes' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Drug Testing Programs: A Synthesis of the Research Literature."  Bringley, Scott.  (Melnick)
  4. "General Education Teacher's Attitudes Towards Inclusion."  Grover, Travis R.  (Hager)
  5. "Inclusion of Students with Disabilities into Physical Education Classes and Their Social Development: A Synthesis of the Research Literature."  Siebert, William J. (Melnick)
  6. "Influence of Peer Tutors on Academic Learning Time and Student Activity Levels in Adapted Physical Education Classes: A Synthesis of the Research Literature." Wright, Christopher P.  (Melnick)
  7. "Knowledge of Results Versus Knowledge of Performance for Learning Sports Skills: A  Synthesis of the Research Literature."  Roche, Richard.  (Melnick)
  8. "Perceived Physical Competence: Is There a Difference between Genders?"  Conner, Katy.  (Hager)
  9. "Pre-Competitive Mood and Its Relationship to Individual Sport Performance: A Synthesis of the Research Literature."  Gruendike, Jeffrey.  (Melnick)
  10. "Television Violence and Aggression and Increased Violence and Aggression Displayed  by Children and Adolescents."  Elmore, Jason J.  (Hager)
  11. "The Characteristics High School Athletic Directors Look for When Hiring Varsity  Athletic Coaches."  Francis, Robert G.  (Hager)
  12. "The Effect of Inclusion in Creating Positive Student Behavior in Physical Education." Ludwa, Nicole A.  (Hager)
  13. "The Effects of Experience Level on Teacher Performance Variables in Physical   Education."  Schomske, Tracy M.  (Hager)
  14. "The Effectiveness of Inclusion on Individuals Who Are Deaf-Blind."  White, Laura.  (Hager)
  15. "Title IX: Should It Be Eliminated?"  Bishop, Meghan E.  (Hager)

December, 2002

  1. "A Comparison of Female High School Athletes and Non-Athletes Concerning Disordered Eating Behaviors."  Hean, Jamie N.  (Torres)
  2. "Gender Biases in Athletes' Evaluation of Coaches."  Northrup, Pegge  (Torres)
  3. "Should High School Student-Athletes be Subjected to Drug-Testing?"  Hamilton,  Stephani.  (Torres)
  4. "The Advantages and Difficulties of an Inclusive Physical Education Program:  What  Makes the Program Work?"  Spader, Guy.  (Torres)
  5. "The Advantages and Disadvantages of Academic Eligibility Policies for High School Students Who Participate in Athletics."  Roggie, Danielle M.  (Torres)