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Brockport / KSSPE / Graduate Tracks / Synthesis

Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies, and Physical Education (KSSPE)

Synthesis Project Titles - 2003-2004

August, 2004

  1. "An Analysis of the Differences in Burnout Levels Between Female and Male Coaches." Burns, Timothy.  (Cannioto)
  2. "An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Weight Management Programs in Obese Adolescents with Self-esteem Issues."  Novak, Dena.  (Cannioto)
  3. "Effect of the Home Court on Basketball Players' Performance."  DeGrandpre, Robert.(Schneider)
  4. "Effects of Parental Behaviors and Attitudes and the Physiological and Psychological Well-being of Adolescents and Dieting."  Graziano, Marie.  (Cannioto)
  5. "Multicultural Education in Physical Education: A Review of the Literature."  Lancer, Cory B.  (Ocansey)
  6. "Sportsmanship Programs in High School Athletics: A Synthesis of the Literature." Webster, Charles.  (Ocansey)
  7. "Strength Training at the Elementary School Level: A Review of the Literature." Bernas, Jason.  (Ocansey)
  8. "Student Perceptions of the Roles in a Sport Education Model." Masters, Chris. (Cannioto)
  9. "Teaching Styles: Spectrum use in the Physical Education Classroom: A Synthesis of the Literature."  Montesano, Joseph P.  (Ocansey)
  10. "The Activity Type and Gender Differences in Academic Benefits of Sport Participation."  VanStrien, Jeff.  (Cannioto)
  11. "The Effects of Physical Activity on Cognitive Ability." Brouty, Michael.  (Cannioto)
  12. "The Effects of the Classroom Environment on Female Participation in Physical Education."  Rotundo, Thomas.  (Ocansey)
  13. "The Relationship Between Male College Athletic Participation and Sexual Aggression." Wade, Patrick.  (Cannioto)
  14. "Pre-service teachers' perceptions of the workplace in physical education: A synthesis of the literature."  Pauley, Michael.  (Ocansey)

May, 2004

  1. "Are Deaf Children Behind in Physical Education?"  Taylor, Carah V.  (Hager)
  2. "Current and Future Direction of Academic Learning Time in Physical Education: A Review of the Literature."  Bart, Michael.  (Ocansey)/li>
  3. "Factors Affecting Socialization for Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Physical Education Settings."  Wert, Jeanine.  (Hager)
  4. "Goal Orientation in Physical Activity and Sport: A Synthesis of the Research Literature."  (Hager)
  5. "Influence of Carbohydrates on the Endurance Performance: A Synthesis of the Research Literature."  Kempka, Walter F.  (Melnick)
  6. "Is Aerobic Exercise Harmful or Beneficial for Individuals with Type 1 Diabetes?"  Barber, Aaron M.  (Hager)
  7. "Overtraining Syndrome in Sport: A Review of the Research Literature."  Berenson, Sheri.  (Ocansey)
  8. "Parental Opinions of High School Varsity Sports:  A Synthesis of the Research Literature."  LaFrance, Michael.  (Ocansey)
  9. "Recreation for Youth with Disabilities: Inclusion, Segregation, or Home-Based Activity?"  Gillette, Krista.  (Hager)
  10. "Relationship between Pre-Competitive Anxiety and Sport Performance: A Synthesis of the Research Literature."  Curtis, Richard.  (Melnick)
  11. "Sport Participation Motives Among High School Varsity Athletes: A Review of the Literature."  Gunby, Brian.  (Ocansey)
  12. "Technology Integration: Computer Use in Physical Education Classrooms."  Willard, Douglas E. S.  (Ocansey)
  13. "The Effects of Botox A Injections in Patients with Cerebral Palsy."  LeRoux, Danielle. (Hager)
  14. "The Effects of Exercise on the Protein Requirements of Athletes."  Klaich, Andrew. (Hager)
  15. "The Effects of Seizure Disorders on Student Performance in School."  Deichman, Sharee.  (Hager)
  16. "What Values Do Children Learn Through Physical Education?"  Velte, Keisha.  (Hager)
  17. "Which Athletes Benefit from Ingesting Sports Drinks?"  Amesbury, Erin P.  (Hager)

December, 2003

  1. "A Comparison of Curricular Models in Accomplishing the Goals of Physical Education at the Secondary Level."  Harmon, Amy.  (Torres)
  2. "An Analysis of Stretching After Warm-up: Does it Decrease or Increase the Risk of Injury?"  Prince, Troy.  (Torres)
  3. "The Effects of Inclusion on Students With and Without Disabilities in a Regular Physical Education Setting."  Petri, Gianina.  (Hager)
  4. "Examination of Selected Peer Tutoring Models in Physical Activity Settings."  Shepard, Dustin M.  (Ocansey)
  5. "Problems in Academic Eligibility at the High School Level." Smith, Wayne D. (Ocansey).