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Brockport / KSSPE / Graduate Tracks / Synthesis

Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies, and Physical Education (KSSPE)

Synthesis Project Titles - 2004-2005

August, 2005

  1. "The Effectiveness of Single Set Versus Multiple Set Resistance Training on Muscular Strength " Jason Bibler (Craig Mattern)
  2. "The Relationship between Flexibility and Injury Prevention Examined through Sports Specific Activities " Megan Conroy (Craig Mattern)
  3. "Coaches of Female Athletes: Athletes' and Administrators' Preferences Based on Coaches' Gender" Beardsley, Jonathan (Ocansey) Abstract Available
  4. "College level faculty/professors attitudes/perceptions toward on-line learning/distance education" Duncan, Mary Kay (Ocansey) Abstract Available
  5. "Examination of coeducational physical education classes versus same sex physical education classes" Anthony (Ocansey) Abstract Available
  6. "Student Satisfaction with On-Line Learning: A Review of the Literature" Fromwiller, Shawn (Ocansey) Abstract Available
  7. "Disordered Eating Behaviors among Female Ballet Dancers: A review of the research literature" Lipari, Toni (Ocansey) Abstract Available
  8. "Common Factors Associated With Athlete Burnout: A Review of the Literature" Pusateri, Aaron (Ocansey) Abstract Available
  9. "An Analysis of the Factors Affecting Sport Withdrawal." Kavanagh, Shannon L. (Hager)
  10. "An Analysis of Transformational and Transactional Leadership Styles in Organizational Settings." Murray, Shawn. (Hager)
  11. "Conditions under which Extrinsic Motivation Enhances Student Achievement." Murray, Julie A. (Hager)
  12. "The Benefits of Inclusive and Segregated Environments for Students with Hearing Impairments" Biellak, Caroline. (Hager)
  13. "The Effects of Motivational Climates in Sport." Stevens, David. (Hager)
  14. "Variables Promoting Psychological Well-Being in Competitive Sport." Hager, Christopher. (Hager)
  15. "The effects of functional knee bracing on ACL deficient and ACL reconstructed knees" by Richard Ellis (James)
  16. "Assessment and grading in physical education" Lynn Rotola (James)
  17. "Curriculum interventions in urban physical education" Bethany Dobberstein (James)
  18. "Technology: Is it valid and what effect does it have on physical activity and physical edcuation"? Erin Kimmel (James)

May, 2005

  1. "Parental Influence on Child Physical Activity: A Synthesis of the Research Literature." Wood, Richard (Ocansey) Abstract Available
  2. "Teacher expectations in urban schools: A review of the research literature." Schneider, Jamie (Ocansey) Abstract Available
  3. "Attitudes and Perception of Distance Education for Higher Education Students." Heitzenrater, Michael (Ocansey) Abstract Available
  4. "Early Specialization and Diversification in Sports: A Review of the Research Literature." Reed, Dara (Ocansey) Abstract Available
  5. "Reasons for Coaching Dismissals and Retention: A Synthesis of the Literature." Lardo, Gregory (Ocansey)
  6. "Motivation for Participation in Physical Activity: A Review of the Research Literature." McLarney, Patrick (Ocansey) Abstract Available
  7. "An exploration of parental behaviors in youth sports." Mundell, Elizabeth . (Ocansey) Abstract Available
  8. "Adolescents' Perceptions of Coeducational and Same-sex Physical Education." Cody, Mary (Ocansey) Abstract Available
  9. "An Analysis of Behavior Modification Techniques for Children with Autism." Rizzo, Salvatore. (Hager)
  10. "An Examination of the Supreme Courts Interpretations of the NCAA's Exemption from the Sherman Antitrust Act." Allen, Jenny. (Hager)
  11. "An Analysis of Motivational Techniques in Cardiovascular Fitness Programs for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities." Zwick, Patricia. (Hager)
  12. "An Analysis of Selected Peer Response Implementations for Students with Autism." Crawley, Kristen. (Hager)
  13. "Conditions under which Audience Produces a Home Field Advantage." Beach, Justin. (Hager)
  14. "Determinants of Positive and Negative Parental Perceptions of Inclusion." Beckwith, Emily. (Hager)
  15. "Factors Affecting Physical Activity in Students With Visual Impairments." Guiliano, Kathryn. (Hager)
  16. "Should Anabolic Steroids Be Banned in Elite Athletics?" Hirschler, Steve. (Hager)
  17. "The Effectiveness of Various Therapies for Children with Spastic Cerebral Palsy." Stoneham, Tanya. (Hager)
  18. "Does Physical Education Positively Affect the Social Development of
    Elementary Children? A Synthesis of the Research Literature" Gardner,
    Stacey (Melnick)
  19. "Is Therapeutic Horseback Riding an Effective Intervention for
    Children with Cerebral Palsy? A Synthesis of the Research Literature"
    Hawkins, Benjamin G. (Melnick)
  20. "Is Competitive Swimming Related to Shoulder Muscle Imbalance? A
    Synthesis of the Research Literature" Tripp, Bryan T. (Melnick)

December, 2004

  1. "Cooperative Learning in Physical Education: A Synthesis of the Literature pertaining to Skilled and Non-Skilled Students, Gender and Grade Level." Auble, Michael.  (Ocansey)
  2. "Incidences of clinical eating disorders and subclinical eating disorders among athletes and nonathletes: A review of the research literature." Kieffer, Norman.  (Ocansey)
  3. "Profile of a Positively Utilized Paraprofessional in the Educational, Setting." Poland, Laurie (Hager)