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Brockport / KSSPE / Graduate Tracks / Synthesis

Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies, and Physical Education (KSSPE)

Synthesis Project Titles - 2005-2006

August, 2006

  1. "A Review of Research Literature Related to the Development of the Abdominal Muscles Through the Use of Device and Non-device Abdominal Exercises. " Hite, Penny. (Ocansey) Abstract Available
  2. "Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Prevention Programs' Impact on Knee Injury Rates in the Athletic Female: A Synthesis of the Research Literature. " Rhoads, Jarett. (Ocansey ) Abstract Available
  3. "Peer Tutors' Impact on Gender in School Aged Children. " Kuhmann, Timothy. (Ocansey) Abstract Available
  4. "Examination of students' preferences to participate in same sex physical education class versus a coeducational physical education class setting. " Jehlen, Joseph. (Ocansey) Abstract Available
  5. "Difference in Performance between Maximal Lactate Steady State Aerobic Training and Traditional Long Slow Distance Training Regime: A Review of the Literature. " Odle, Christopher. (Ocansey) Abstract Available
  6. "Fitness levels and academic performance: A review of the research literature. " Waver III, Chester. (Ocansey) Abstract Available
  7. "The relationship between excessive exercise, disordered eating and gender. Batt, April. (Cannioto)
  8. "Is there an association between physical activity and cognitive skills? A synthesis of the research literature. Dawes, Jeremy C. (Cannioto)
  9. "An analysis of positive and negative effects of parental involvement in youth sport: Do gender differences in athletes’ perceptions exist? Distaffen, Ed. (Cannioto)
  10. "The effects of media-based intervention programs on physical activity levels. Helmicki, James. (Cannioto)
  11. "Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction: A comparison of the effectiveness of the autograft versus the allograft. Nicholson, Emile. (Cannioto)
  12. "The relationship between back pain and backpack carrying among school-aged children. Seither, David. (Cannioto)
  13. "An analysis of the motives for high school and collegiate athletic participation: Do gender differences exist? Vergamini, Matthew R. (Cannioto)

May, 2006

  1. "Conditions under which Self-Talk Enhances Athletic Performance." Rider, Michele. (Hager)
  2. "Does Intermittent Hypoxic Training Improve Endurance Performance? A Synthesis of the Research Literature." Miner, Dawn.
  3. "What effect does vigorous exercise during pregnancy have on birth weight? A synthesis of the research literature" Hertlein, Julie. (Melnick)
  4. "Effects of Maternal Alcohol Intake on Motor Development and Motor Performance in Children Birth to Five Years." Myers, Michele. (Hager)
  5. "Head Injuries in Women's Lacrosse: A Review of Literature." Hassett, Elizabeth. (Hager)
  6. "The Effect of Static Stretching on Maximal Strength Performance." Monks, Rene. (Hager)
  7. "The Effectiveness of Training Methods that Decrease the Risk of Sport-Related Injuries in Interscholastic Athletics." Osburn, Anthony. (Hager)
  8. "The Psychological Benefits of Traditional Martial Arts Training." Clarcq, Jason. (Hager)
  9. "The differences between expert teachers and experienced teachers: a review of the research literature". Meghan A. Donnelly (Ocansey) Abstract Available

December, 2005

  1. "Motivational Factors Relevant to Secondary Physical Education Students: A Synthesis of the Research Literature" - Amy Koudelka  (Ocansey) Abstract Available
  2. "Stress and Burnout Affects on Classroom Teachers & Physical Education Teachers: A Synthesis of the Research Literature" Brendan Stiner (Ocansey) Abstract Available
  3. "An evaluation of Hellison's Personal and Social Responsibility Model: What do we know"? By Marc Kuzak (Cannioto)
  4. "A comparison of athletes' and coaches' perceptions of coaching effectiveness and preferred coaching style: A current review". By Jeff Murphy (Cannioto)
  5. "An analysis of the effectiveness of school-based obesity prevention programs in the United States". By Michael K. Ernst (Cannioto)
  6. "The relationship between gender, self-efficacy and physical activity in school- aged children: A current review" By Peter Czerkas (Cannioto)
  7. "An analysis of the effects of therapeutic outdoor interventions on the self-esteem and self-concept of adolescents". By Colleen Alderman (Cannioto)
  8. "An analysis of the risk factors associated with the development of eating disorders among female athletes: Is the coach a significant risk factor? By Stacy M. Chiaramonte (Cannioto)
  9. "An analysis of injury rates and severity between artificial turf, Fieldturf and natural grass in athletics". By Zachary Young (Cannioto)
  10. "A Review of Physical Activity Levels in Relation to Age: Children ages 3-15 years". By Steve Zimmer (Too) Abstract Available