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Brockport / KSSPE / Graduate Tracks / Synthesis

Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies, and Physical Education (KSSPE)

Synthesis Project Titles - 2007-2008

December, 2007

    Brian Baney. "The Effects of an Intervention Program in Physical Education or Athletics on Moral Development" (Raimondo)

    Marisa Mauro. "Gender Differences in Pedometer-Determined Physical Activity Levels (Daily Step Counts) of School-Aged Children: A Comparative Study" (Raimondo)

    Jackie Skinner. "The Impace of Caffeine on Sport Performance: Is There a Difference Between Aerobic and Anerobic Activities?" (Raimondo)

    Jim Centola, "Motivating Children to Participate in Physical Activity and Sport: A Synthesis of the Research Literature." (Torres)

    Katie Crowell, "What Motivates Female Athletes to Drink: A Synthesis of th Research Lieterature." (Torres)

    Greg Macomber, "The Effects of Dynamic and Static Stretching on Muscular Performance: A Synthesis of the Research Literature." (Torres)

    Stephanie Plucknette, "The Coverage and Portrayal of Male and Female Elite Athletes in the Photographic and Print Media: A Synthesis of the Research Literature." (Torres)

    Rick Smith, "Does Physical Activity Improve Academic Achievement?: A Synthesis of the Research Literature." (Torres)

    Melody Beecher, "Muscular performance and menstruation." (Cannioto)

    Joe Conlan, "Easting Disorders among Male Athletes." (Cannioto)

    Mike Davis, "Strategies for enhancing socialization among children with autism: Applications for the physical educator." (Cannioto)

    Carol DiPerna, "A comparison of physical activity patterns and correlates among urban and rural youth in the United Sates and Canada." (Cannioto)

    Danielle Harris, "Pre-service physical education teachers' attitudes towards teaching individuals with disabilities." (Cannioto)

May, 2008

Kimberly Burns. "A Profile of the Individual At Risk for Childhood Overweight" (Hager).

Sal Cruz. "Bridging the Gap: A Profile of a School District Contributing to the Academic Achievement of Minority Students" (Hager).

Lucian Price. "Profiles of Individuals that Learn Best from Verbal Cuing, Modeling and Imagery" (Hager).

Stephanie Stevens. "The Effects of Cooperative Learning on Student's Social Skills in Education" (Hager).

Mr. Brian Maginn, " An Analysis of the Sociocultural Influcences on Body Image among American adolescents" (Hager)

Mr. Sean Caswell, "The Relationship between Video Games and the Health of Children and Teenagers: A Synthesis of the Research Literature" (Hager)

August, 2008

Brian Tatar. "Physical Activity Programs and Body Composition in Children and Adolsescents: Do Gender Differences Exist?" (Raimondo)

Todd Isaman. "The Effects of Imatgery and Arousal on Sport and the Acquisition of Skill" (Raimondo)

Steven Luksch. "Is Imagery and Effective Intervention Technique for the Rehabilitation Process of Injured Athletes? (Raimondo)