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Synthesis Project Titles - 2008-2009



December, 2008

    Christopher Ahrens. "The Effects of Strength Training on Motor Function in People With Cerebral Palsy" (Raimondo)

    Alica Baum. "Effects of Gendered Stigma Consciousness on Participation in Sport and Physical Activity" (Raimondo)

    Amy Bielunis. "Active Commuting Among Elementary Students" (Raimondo)

    Gina Gray. "Dietary Supplement Use Among Adolescent Athletes: Do Gender Differences Exist?" (Raimondo)

    Josh Lenhard. "The Effects of Rapid Weight Loss on Competitive High School and Collegiate Wrestlers" (Raimondo)

    Michele Newell. "The Effects of Inclulsive Physical Education on Student Attitudes" Raimondo)

    Michael Rowley. "New Generation Active Video Game Use in Physical Education" (Raimondo)

    Joanna Blaakman, "The Effects of Parental Involvement on Children's Participation in Sport: A Synthesis of the Research Literature." (Torres)

    Sean Caswell, "The Relationship between Video Games and the Health of Children and Teenagers: A Synthesis of the Research Literature." (Torres)

    Jessica Dudek, "An Analysis of the Impact of Caffeine on the Health of Children." (Torres)

    Jeff Fosdick, "The Barriers Preventing People with Disabilities from Being Physically Active: A Review of the Lieterature." (Torres)

    Brian Maginn, "An Anaylsis of the Sociocultural Influences on Body Image among American Adolescents." (Torres)

    Kevin Mantell, "An Anaylsis of the Wxternal Factors that Influence Sportspersonship in Youth Sports and Physical Education." (Torres)


May, 2009


August, 2009

Jeannette Mallaber, "The Effect of Physical Activity on Stereotypical Behaviors in Children with Autism" (Brusseau)

Laura Broadfuehrer, "The Effect of Sports Participation on Alcohol Consumkption during Adolescence" (Brusseau)

Michelle Sullivan, "Socioeconomic Status, Race and the Increased Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity in Children and Adolescents in the United States" (Brusseau)

Tricia Walker, "The Effects of Teacher Support on Student Motivation within the Secondary Physical Education Class" (Brusseau)

Katie Robinson, "Strategies that Promote Skills and Decrease Problem Behavior in Children with Autism" (Brusseau)

Brent Vance, "What are the Attitudes of Children without Disabilities towards their Peers with Disabilities in a Physical Education or Recreation Setting?" (Brusseau)

Eric Kohl, "Developmental Factors Effected by Adventure Based Programs" (Brusseau)

Steven MacLaren, "The Effects of Cohesion on Sports Team Performance" (Raimondo)

Elizabeth Durfee, "The Effects of the Mestrual Cycle on Knee Injuries in Female Athletes" (Raimondo)

John Tuttle, "The Effects of Parental Physical Activity and Support on Children's Physical Activity Levels" (Raimondo)

Kimberly A. Hendy, "The effects of Curriculum Models on Student Activity Levels within Physical Education" (Raimondo)

Todd Cunningham, "The Effects of Disordered Eating in Female College Athletes" (Raimondo)

Jennifer S. Trostle, "An anlaysis of self-concept among student athletes" (Raimondo)

Aime Chase, "The Effects of Parental Encouragement on Adolescents Physical Activity Involvement" (Raimondo)