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Synthesis Project Titles - 2009-2010



December, 2009

    Matt Siggelow, "An Analysis of Factors that Influence Free Throw Performance in Basketball." (Cannioto)

    Sean Hopkins, "Which Factors influence Athlete Anxiety and Performance?" (Cannioto)

    Kathleen Riggs-Allen, "An analysis of the effectiveness of Propositions 48 and 16: Has NCAA policy change improved academic performance?" (Cannioto)

    Lauren E. Evans, "The relationship between athletic status and alcohol consumption: Do athletes consume more alcohol than non athletes?" (Cannioto)

    Erin E. Shuart, "The benefits of exercise programs for children and adolescents with cerebral palsy: A review of literature." (Cannioto)

    Julie Ellen Lair, "A comparison of eating behaviors and beliefs between athletes and non-athletes: What are the mediating factors?" (Cannioto)


May, 2010


August, 2010

Mary Powell, "Psychological Factors Influencing Injury Recovery of Athletes" (Brusseau)

Ashley Broadhurst, "The Effect of Eating a healthy Breakfast on Academic Performance" (Brusseau)

Francesca Futia, "The Effects of Teaching/Coaching Techniques on Student/Athlete Performance (Brusseau)

Emily Monte, "The Effects of Sport Participation on the Female Athlete Triad" (Brusseau)

Nicole Dimino, "The Effect of Physical Activity on Academic Achievement in School-Age Children" (Brusseau)

John Peralta, "A Profile of Parental Behaviors which Decrease a Child's Risk of Overweight" (Brusseau)

Rhonda Morse, "The Effects of Hearing Impairments on Performance Levels" (Raimondo)

Tait Hightower, "The Effects of Bullying on Students with Disabilities" (Raimondo)