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Synthesis Project Titles - 2010-2011



December, 2010


May, 2011

Michelle Sherman, "Eating Disorders among Female High School Athletes" (Raimondo)

Chrisopher L. Kayne, "Concussion Assessment and Management Methods at the High School Level" (Raimondo)

Rosemarie R. Pfluke, "A review of the relationship between academic performance, physical activity, and physical fitness among school-age children and adolescents" (Cannioto)

Lisa M. Filipiak, "The identification of hiring criteria and practices utlized by school personnel when evaluating physical education and classroom teacher candidates" (Cannioto)

Nathan Sutch, "An analysis of factors associated with burnout in competitive athletes: A review of literature" (Cannioto)

Gina M. Potenza, "An examination of factors related to motivation and participation among secondary physical education students" (Cannioto)

David J. McLeod, "An analysis of factors relating to recovery time in concussed athletes: A review of the most current evidence" (Cannioto)

August, 2011

Franklin Barker, "The Effects of Active Video Gaming on Physical Activity in Children" (Brusseau)

Kyle Sochia, "The Effect of the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) on Improving the Communication of Non-verbal Children with Autism" (Brusseau)

Patrick Loewer, "The Effect of Plyometric Training Program on Vertical Jump Performance" (Brusseau)

Stephanie Hulton, "The Effects of Competition on Secondary Physical Education Students" (Brusseau)

John Drum, "The Effect of School Weight-Loss Programs on Middle School Student Obesity" (Brusseau)

Alanna Cooney, "The Effects of Motivational Climates on Students in Physical Education Class" (Brusseau)