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Synthesis Project Titles - 2011-2012



December, 2011

    Adam Della Sala, "Achievement Goal Scores and Participation in Physical Activity" (Raimondo)

    Anthony Smith, "Effect of Abdominal Strength Through Swiss Ball Exercise on Lower Back Pain" (Raimondo)

    Kaitlyn D. DeRue, "A review of factors associated with the development of physical educator attitudes toward inclusion of students with disabilities" (Cannioto)

    Jennifer L. O'Brien, "The Effectiveness of Multi-sensory Rooms (Snoezelen) on improving classroom behavior among children with sensory dysfunction disorders" (Cannioto)

    William J. Lewis, "An analysis of contributing factors to racial disparities in coaching intercollegiate athletics: a review of the current literature" (Cannioto)

May, 2012


August, 2012