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Brockport / KSSPE / Graduate Tracks / Teacher Education/Pedagogy

Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies and Physical Education (KSSPE)


Masters of Science in Education/Physical Education Pedagogy

The Masters of Science in Education/Physical Education Pedagogy is dedicated to providing physical education teachers with an understanding of the research base as well as pedagogical content knowledge. Students acquire the tools necessary to read, understand, critique and conduct research in physical education. The program has been designed to spark an intellectual curiosity related to the knowledge base of physical education, the promotion of physical activity and the design and use of culturally relevant curricula. Graduates will have a strong understanding of issues around diversity as they relate to effective teaching and curricular development in physical education. Students will become agents of change through the development of leadership, advocacy and mentorship skills. Graduates of this program will be reflective individuals who are passionate, enthusiastic and committed to the profession of physical education.

This course of study prepares students for careers in teaching. The successful completion of a Master’s Degree in Education through the Physical Education Pedagogy track will satisfy the Master’s Degree Requirement for those holding initial certification in Physical Education.

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For More Information:
Contact Dr. Cathy Houston-Wilson;; (585) 395-5352


Program of Study (30 Credits)

PES 601- Analysis of Teaching Physical Education (3)^
PES 604-Research Methods in Physical Education (3)&
PES 605- Research Design and Data Analysis (3)

PES 607- Curriculum in Physical Education (3) &

PES 614- Behavior Management in Physical Education (3) &

PES 617 - Seminar in Physical Education (3) &

EDI 601-Diversity in Education (3)
PES 699- Qualitative Research Methods in Physical Education (3) &
PES Elective (0-3)

Culminating Experience
PES 798- Synthesis Project Seminar (3) &
PES 795- Thesis (6)
& Planned to be Offered as an Online Class
^Planned to be Offered as a Hybrid Class

Physical Education Pedagogy Graduate Faculty
Dr. Cathy Houston-Wilson, Graduate Director
Dr. Doug Collier
Dr. Alisa James
Dr. Francis Kozub