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Required Competencies

A Sketch of a Female Gymnast on the Bars.

To be recommended for State Certification in physical education, students must demonstrate a "competent" level of performance in 10 standards through course work in the professional sequence and student teaching. The 10 standards are described as follows in a manner indicating what students will do upon completion:

  1. Apply content knowledge to design and implement instruction
  2. Implement developmentally appropriate learning experiences
  3. Develop interpersonal relationships
  4. Employ effective communication skills.
  5. Implement effective classroom management techniques
  6. Use effective instructional skills.
  7. Employ appropriate assessment & evaluation techniques (
  8. Develop a climate for diverse learning & inclusion
  9. Develop effective coaching techniques
  10. Show continuing personal and professional growth

NCATE Standards

  1. Content Knowledge
  2. Growth and Development
  3. Diverse Students
  4. Management and Motivation
  5. Communication
  6. Planning and Instruction
  7. Student Assessment
  8. Reflection
  9. Technology
  10. Colaboration

NCATE Approved: Expect Extraordinary Success