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Brockport / KSSPE / Undergraduate / Teacher Education / Course of Study

Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies and Physical Education (KSSPE)

Physical Education Teacher Education:

Course of Study


Required Courses

BIO 221 Survey of Anatomy and Physiology
PES 305 Significance of Physical Activity
PES 439 Motor Learning
PEP 301 Fitness Education for Teachers
PEP 441 Intro to Teaching Physical Education
PEP 451 Teaching Culturally Diverse Physical Education
PES 413 Human Movement
PEP 442 Secondary Methods of Teaching Physical Education
PEP 445 Adapted Methods of Teaching Physical Education
PEP 443 Assessment for Teachers
PEP 310 Tactical Games
PEP 444 Elementary Methods of Teaching Physical Education
PEP 483 Early Childhood Methods of Teaching Physical Education
PEP 342 Physical Education Activities of Children
PEP 487 Elementary Student Teaching
PEP 488 Secondary Student Teaching
PEP 476 Seminar in Student Teaching and Coaching
PES 335 Exercise physiology
PES 326 Kinetics
PES 3XXX Upper Elective
Foreign Language
First Aid and CPR Certification



Teacher Cert Electives

(5 credits required)  
PEP 351 Coaching Sport 3
PEP 353 Admin of Intra 3
PEP 3XX Coaching Clinic 1
PEP 379 Atheletic Training Teaching and Coaching 3
PEP 481 Instructional Strategies in APE 3
PEP 482 Adapted PA and Sport 3
PEP 489 APA Low Incidence 3
PEP 495 Topics in PE 1-3
PEP 399/499 Independent Study  

Performance Requirements

PEP 201 Educational Dance 1
PEP 202 Adventure Challenge 2
PEP 203 Cont. Multicultural Activities 1
PEP 204 Track and Field/Softball 1
PEP 205 Golf/Archery 1
PEP 206 Educational Gymnastics 2

Aquatics (Choose One)

PES 114 and 214 Beginning and Intermediate Swimming (required) 2
PES 281 WSI 2
PEP 282 Lifeguard Training or Certification Cards 2

Invasion (Choose Two)

PEP 211 Lacrosse/Field Hockey 1
PEP 212 Speedball/Team Handball 1
PEP 213 Soccer/Frisbee 1
PEP 214 Basket/Flag Football 1
PEP 248 Intermediate Wrestling 1

Net-Wall (Choose One)

PEP 221 Volleyball/Pickle ball 1
PEP 222 Tennis/Badminton 1

* Courses that meet General Education requirements and are recommended for physical education teacher education major background are:

DNS 115 Intro to Dance (P)
PES 290 Fair Play (H)
REL 211 Leisure Experience (D, S)
PHS 110 General Psychology (N)

PES 100- & 200-level (Beginning and Intermediate) courses other than PES 114 (Beginning Swimming) and PES 214 (Intermediate Swimming) may be taken for background and activity purposes, but will not apply to the Physical Education major.

Many performance courses are offered by quarter; second quarter courses must be registered during the registration period.

Admission: In order to meet New York State Department of Education standards for teacher certification programs, only a limited number of students can be admitted to the program each semester as evidenced by enrollment in PEP 441. To be eligible for a seat in PEP 441, students must have completed a minimum of 45 college credit and have a 2.5 Brockport grade point average for at least 12 credits of work. No more than 30% of the credits may bein “activity” classes. Classes taken during the summer session immediately prior to potential admittance to PEP 441 will be taken into consideration regarding all eligibility criteria outlined above while classes taken during the winter session immediately prior to potential admittance to PEP 441 do not.

To be eligible to student teach, students must have completed all General Education, Physical Education and Teacher Certification coursework with a 2.5 grade point average at The College at Brockport.