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Overview of the CICSL Assessment System

CICSL Diagram

The Continuous Improvement of Candidate and Student Learning (CICSL) is the assessment system of the Professional Education Unit depicted in the figure. The preparation of the Education Professional Candidate to be a competent and effective education professional is central to the system and the Professional Education Unit-Conceptual Framework (PEU-CF) provides the foundation for the CICSL system.

Key assessments for both Candidate Performance and Unit Operations enables the PEU to collect and analyze data to evaluate and improve the performance of candidates, the unit, and its programs.


Five Candidate Performance matrices outline key candidate performance assessments by certification preparation program at four CICSL Data Checkpoints in each candidate’s program.

Candidate Performance Matrices (Matrix opens as .pdf file. Please adjust view for easy reading [right-click and select Marquee Zoom and then use arrows to navigate])

Matrix 1: Initial Teacher Education Preparation leading to NYS Initial Teacher Certification

Matrix 2: Second Initial Teacher Education Preparation leading to a second NYS Initial Teacher Certification

Matrix 3: Advanced Teacher Education Preparation leading to NYS Professional Teacher Certification

Matrix 4: School Counselor Education Preparation leading to NYS School Counselor Certification

Matrix 5: School Leadership Education Preparation leading to NYS Education Administration Certification

CICSL Data Checkpoints

  1. Program Admission/First Semester
  2. Prior to Culminating Experience
  3. Program Completion
  4. Post-Graduation

Key Performance Areas

  1. Content Knowledge
  2. Pedagogical Knowledge
  3. Professional Knowledge and Skills
  4. Reflective Skills
  5. Professional Dispositions
  6. Impact on K-12 Learning


Assessment of unit operations and programs is done through data collection and review in four main areas using a broad array of data and information.

Unit Operation Assessment Areas

  1. Governance and Administration
  2. Resources
  3. Program Delivery
  4. Candidate Satisfaction & Support

To view matrices, key assessments, and data:  Log into TK20

Data-Driven Decision Making and Tracking

  1. ORID Focused Conversation Data Analysis Guide and Comment Sheet (.pdf) (.docx)
  2. PEU Data Review Form (.pdf) (.docx)
  3. PEU Data-Driven Decision Making Flowchart


Last Updated 8/9/13