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Brockport / PEU / Diversity

Commitment to Diversity

  World in Hands       

The College at Brockport and its programs for teachers and other school professionals are committed to preparing candidates for “civic engagement in a culturally diverse society and in globally interdependent communities”, see 2013-2015 Undergraduate Catalogue, College Mission, p. 5. In their preparation, candidates engage with the diverse nature of human experience in their courses and field experiences, both of which make them aware of social conflicts, prejudices, and/or intolerances in classrooms and schools. Issues related to racism, ethnic hatred, gender bias, and religious intolerance are explored at the undergraduate level through the General Education diversity requirement, and, on both an individual and collective basis, candidates in all professional education programs come to understand what diversity means in terms of the challenges presented and the cultural treasures represented by every human being.





Last Updated 3/19/15