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Effectiveness and Best Practice Committee

Dear PEU Member,

Hello again from the Effectiveness and Best Practices Committee of the Professional Education Unit! Our second newsletter is available for your viewing!

In this issue, we answer...
What do you do when a student violates a disposition?
What's new from NYSED?

And, we share...
some  best practices kudos , and  News from the departments of the PEU  and Certification Updates

 EBP Jargon of the Month:  CICSL 
While it is pronounced "sizzle", it's not about the sound of bacon. It stands for the Continuous Improvement of Candidate and Student Learning. It is the assessment system of the PEU and has 6 steps: Conceptual Framework, Outcome Goals, Plan, Data Collection, Data Analysis, and Data-driven Decision-Making. The assessment of unit operations and programs is done through data collection and review. Matrices, key assessments, and data (for departments in the PEU) are stored on Tk20

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Last Updated 7/19/13