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Data Checkpoint 3: Program Completion

Student teaching assessment is done in each of the two required student teaching placements. At the mid-point of each placement, the Teacher Candidate (TC) self-assesses and the School-Based Teacher (SBTE) provides a formative assessment of candidate performance. At the end of each placement, the SBTE and the College Supervisor (CS) provides a summative assessment of candidate performance.

The mid-assessment is comprised of items based upon Danielson's four domains: I. Planning and Preparation, II. Classroom Environment, III. Instruction, and IV. Professional Responsibilities and in some cases, Discipline-Specific items that align with a particular Specialized Professional Association (SPA).

The end assessment is comprised of the items from the mid-assessment plus the Global Assessment of Candidate Performance (GACP), the PEU wide assessment aligned to the Professional Education Unit-Conceptual Framework (PEU-CF).

Each item on the mid and end assessment instruments is rated using a four-category performance scale: Unacceptable, Developing, Proficient, and Exemplary. The criteria for each rating is given in the instrument.

The aggregate candidate performance expectation for programs and the PEU are: 90-100% of the candidates are Developing or Better thus providing evidence of demonstrating the knowledge or skill, 80% or better are Proficient or better, 5-10% are Exemplary, and less than 5% are Unacceptable/Not Applicable/Missing.



Click on the name of the program to view the data results. Data Driven Decisions for programs should be recorded by downloading and completing the DATA DRIVEN DECISION form and sending to with Subject: Data Driven Decision for [insert name of program].

Professional Education Unit (PEU) Global Assessment of Candidate Performance (GACP)

Adolescence Inclusive English

Adolescence Inclusive Foreign Language

Adolescence Inclusive Mathematics

Adolescence Inclusive Science

Adolescence Inclusive Social Studies

Childhood Inclusive

Assessment of Inclusive Childhood and Adolescence Placements (Students with Disabilities)

Dance Education

Health Education

Physical Education



Last Updated 7/19/13