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Tk20 General Information

What is Tk20?

Tk-20 Website


Tk20 Website

Tk20 is a comprehensive outcomes –based software tool used campus-wide in all academic and non-academic units at The College of Brockport. 

TK20 facilitates the institution’s continuous improvement of student success mission and supports the Professional Education Unit’s (PEU) CICSL assessment system.

Tk20 Tutorials


Student Tutorials

Faculty Tutorials

SBTE/Site Staff Tutorials

Brockport Tk20



APPLICATION: Guidelines for Submitting Health Field Experience Application

ARTIFACTS: Uploading and managing documents in your artifact library

ASSIGNMENTS: Submitting An Assignment for Assessment

ASSIGNMENTS: Self-Assessment of Professional Dispositions

Field Experience Binders

PORTFOLIOS: Assessment Portfolios

Tk20 Support


Brockport Help Desk (technical support)

Office for Assessment and Testing (general information and assistance)

PEU Assessment Office (assessment questions and assistance)

Last Updated 12/12/14