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Images of Blizzard '99
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Hartwell Hall

On March 4, 1999, SUNY Brockport and the entire Rochester area was blanketed under 24 inches of snow. The snowfall was intense at times, up to 2-3 inches per hour with strong winds and white-out conditions.

The following day, March 5, was sunny but cold as everyone began to dig out from the storm. The pictures on this and subsequent pages were taken on March 5th.

What you can't tell by the pictures is the whole story. Saturday, March 6th, brought us another full day of snow dumping in excess of 18 inches on top of what we already had.

By March 8th, classes were in session and things were getting back to normal. You can take a look at the WebCam shot for March 8th to see for yourself.

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