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Department of Physics


2016 Mancuso and Hallenbeck Research Awards go to
Christopher Wahl and Mayuka Sasaki

Brockport Students present at RSPS XXXV

Meissner Effect
While our site is being re-constructed,
consider the Meissner Effect.


How does electromagnetic energy propagate?
How does a bicycle work?
Why is the sky blue? What causes a mirage?

Physics is the science that investigates matter and the forces that govern it, from the largest scales of galactic superclusters to the smallest separations of subatomic particles. Physicists set up experiments, make observations, perform calculations, and run simulations in their quest to understand the underlying laws of the Universe. Physics also has a practical side applied to such tasks as developing tools for medical imaging, improving the efficiency of solar panels, or devising ingenious ways to fit more transistors onto smaller chips. Simply put, physics helps us to understand the world around us and apply that understanding to practical problems. The skills gained through pursuing a major in Physics can be applied in a wide range of careers.

Students majoring in Physics at the College at Brockport (SUNY) receive a rigorous education in the classroom and laboratory, culminating in a senior year research experience under the guidance of a faculty member. Courses are taught by excellent teachers concerned with student success. Faculty are also active scientists whose research informs their teaching. Current faculty work in the areas of low-temperature condensed matter physics, thin films and surface science, observational cosmology, and elementary particle physics. Fellowships are available for students to work with faculty on research projects during the summer, and all seniors complete a research project during the year-long Physics Project Seminar. Students in the Seminar present their results externally at the Rochester Symposium for Physics Students (RSPS) every April and at the Saturday of Physics on campus in May.

Professional physicists can be found in careers of technology, manufacturing, finance, medicine, and education, to name a few. Our students graduate knowing how to learn. They are ready to analyze and solve problems and are therefore in demand by employers and graduate schools. Recent graduates have gone on to employment at Lockheed Martin, Inficon, and the Rochester Laser Lab, among others. Our students have also gone on to graduate school, including the University of Virginia, Michigan State University, the University at Buffalo (SUNY), SUNY Stony Brook, and Carnegie Mellon University. Finally, students receiving their secondary education certification have gone on to teach high school Physics statewide and locally in the Brockport and Albion schools.

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