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Department of Physics

Dr. Stanley F. Radford, (, 585-395-5576) received a B.S. degree in Physics from Michigan State University in 1976, and his Ph.D. from Wayne State University in 1980. His work in elementary particle theory covered a variety of areas including: gravitation, renormalization, and bound structures in quantum chromodynamics. In 1986 he moved to private industry and began work in the fields of terrestrial and marine remote sensing, physical oceanography, microwave and millimeter wave sensor system design, and operations analysis. In 1996 he moved to AT&T Bell Laboratories and performed research on optical fiber performance and photonic device design. Dr. Radford returned to academia in 2001, joining the Physics Department at Marietta College in Marietta Ohio, and becoming its Chair in 2002. Upon his return to academia he resumed his work in the theoretical and phenomenological study of heavy quarkonia. Dr. Radford joined the Physics Department at SUNY College at Brockport in 2006 as its Chair, where he teaches and pursues research in elementary particle theory. Dr. Radford was honored with a KITP Scholar for the years 2000-2010 by the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara.