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Strategic Planning

April 2001 Update:
President's Report (Word file)


SUNY Brockport conducted a strategic planning process, which produced a strategic plan for the institution at the end of 1998. This strategic plan became the basis of Brockport's Mission Review and was the core of Brockport's Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) document, which was finalized at the end of 2000. There is widespread and explicit agreement on the Brockport campus that the main animating principles remain:

  • Taking its educational mission as its principal raison dÍtre, Brockport views student success as its highest institutional priority.
  • In order to enable its students to achieve the highest levels of student success, Brockport intends to strengthen all - but especially academic - aspects of institutional quality, including student selectivity, faculty quality, student learning and development, retention and graduation, academic programs, and academic support.

The attached Report on SUNY Brockport's Academic Progress from President Paul Yu details the College's strategic planning to date. As a campus we continue to take significant pride in this process and the results. With the Middle States accreditation process well under way, we can anticipate the final report from it to be the basis for the next wave of strategic planning, which will immediately follow the Middles States evaluation. In the interim, we all look forward with enthusiasm to implementing the remaining recommendations from the current strategic plan that was developed through the hard work and support of the entire campus.

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