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Strategic Planning II

Committee 1:
What Students Will We Teach?

Committee Co-chairs:

  • Richard Frey, Senate Chair of Enrollment Management Committee
  • Ray DiPasquale, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs

Committee Members:

  • Mark Anderson, Honors Program
  • Stuart Appelle, School of Letters and Sciences
  • Marcella Esler, Student Retention
  • Vincent Felder, BSG
  • Arthur Graham, Recreation & Leisure Studies
  • Sandy Johnston, Registration & Records
  • Clyde Morgan, Dance
  • Thomas Nugent, Academic Advisement
  • Susan Stites-Doe, Graduate Admissions
  • Karen Podsiadly, Leadership & Community Development
  • Lou Spiro, Finance & Management
  • Bernie Valento, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Lillian Zhu, Institutional Research

Revised Committee Questions:

  • Number of undergraduate students? Number of graduate students? (Undergraduate - graduate mix?)
  • Within the undergraduates and graduates, number of students in programs and departments? (programs - departments mix?)
  • Within the undergraduates, number of freshmen and number of transfers that we think are appropriate for the institution? (freshman - transfer mix?) Should the type of transfer degree be a consideration?
  • Can we establish a targeted total student FTE count?
  • Recruitment of graduate or undergraduate out-of-state students, international students, minority students?
  • What target do we want to set for student retention?
  • Academic parameters for freshmen, transfers, and graduate students? Should we consider raising standards for transfer students? What is the freshman quality goal after we achieve SUNY Tier 2 status?
  • The scholarship program was put in place to "jump start" the admission selectivity process. Has it served that purpose? In what form and at what level of funding should there continue to be a scholarship program as we go forward? What about graduate assistantships?
  • Should we establish targets for the Delta and Honors Programs?


Questions or Comments?

Questions or comments can be directed to committee co-chairs or to Colleen Donaldson, Strategic Planning Coordinator:

Colleen Donaldson, Strategic Planning Coordinator
Office of Academic Affairs
SUNY Brockport
350 New Campus Dr.
Brockport, NY 14420
(585) 395-5118