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Strategic Planning II

Committee 5: How Can We Strengthen College Governance?

Committee Co-chairs:

  • Anne Parsons, Senate Parliamentarian and Past-President
  • Greig Mitchell, Vice President, Administration and Finance

Committee Members:

  • Larry Bassi, Criminal Justice
  • Rob Blair, Campus Life
  • Melissa Brown, Psychology
  • Thomas Golaszewski, Budget & Resource Committee
  • Joe Johnston, Residential Life
  • James Keeler, Chairperson, College Council
  • Ken O'Brien, Faculty Senate
  • John Perry, Facilities & Planning Committee
  • Frank Short, Physical Education and Sport
  • Stephen Ullman, Political Science

Revised Committee Questions:

  • Inclusion of faculty, staff and students in college governance
    1. What is the breadth and depth of inclusion in college governance activities housed in departments, schools and the College?
    2. How have governance activities increased the workload of faculty and professional staff?
    3. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the current system of college governance?
    4. How do the governance processes function, including the operating bodies that perform them?
  • Supercommittees
    1. How effective have the supercommittees been in their efforts to further the College’s strategic priorities?
    2. What are their charges and who do/should they report to?
    3. What are their memberships? What should they be? How are members appointed? How should they be appointed?
    4. What is their relationship to other structures? What should it be?
    5. How do/should they fit into the collegial governance structure at Brockport?
  • Budget and Resource Committee – Linkages to other committees
    1. What is (are) the charge(s)? (Charge changes each year.)
    2. What goes through the committee and what doesn’t? What should go through the committee?
    3. What is the membership and how are members appointed? What/how should it be?
    4. What is the committee’s relationship to other governance entities? What should it be?
    5. What would make the committee function better to establish campus-wide priorities?


Questions or Comments?

Questions or comments can be directed to committee co-chairs or to Colleen Donaldson, Strategic Planning Coordinator:

Colleen Donaldson, Strategic Planning Coordinator
Office of Academic Affairs
SUNY Brockport
350 New Campus Dr.
Brockport, NY 14420
(585) 395-5118