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Department of Political Science and International Studies

The study of politics is one that examines, among other things, the allocation of limited resources among competing interests. As one scholar noted, politics answers the question of who gets what and why. While the “real” world of politics is one of competition among diverse groups and organizations, all trying to flourish and coexist in a civil society, the study of political science is organized around four subfields: American politics, comparative politics, international relations and political theory. We ask our majors to complete introductory courses in each subfield, as well as take a course in political science research methods. Students then take advanced courses within each subfield and are left with 9 credits allocated to electives allowing for a more in-depth study of a preferred area.

We also strongly encourage our majors (and minors) to consider spending a semester in our Washington internship program as well as a semester studying abroad. These two opportunities provide unique insight into the “real” workings of political entities as well as invaluable perspective on other cultures and societies.

In addition to the political science major, our department has a major in international studies. As the world grows increasingly interconnected and interdependent, it is becoming necessary that students of the 21st century acquire a strong global perspective. Brockport's international studies major provides an interdisciplinary approach to studying these global connections. At Brockport, students will gain a comprehensive undergraduate experience with classes and extracurricular experiences (for example, studying abroad and participating in our European Union simulation, EUROSIM) that challenge them to think analytically in a global and practical context. 

The department organizes an annual Model European Union simulation that involves student delegations from 14 other American colleges and many European universities; it also encourages participation of political science majors at the Harvard Model United Nations. The faculty advisor is Dr. Steve Jurek.

Last Updated 10/13/15