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 Requirements for International Studies

The International Studies Program courses provide students with a strong exposure to the international dimensions of key economic, environmental, political and social forces in today's world. This international focus for the traditional disciplines—coupled with the growing number of internationally-oriented businesses and organizations across the world—leads toward a wide choice of career opportunities. 

International Studies students must complete an overseas program. Overseas programs may take the form of traditional courses taken abroad or an internship program completed abroad. Study abroad is possible through numerous programs offered by the International Education program here at the College at Brockport. In addition, students may complete the overseas program by participating in EURO-SIM or by participating in faculty-led international travel.

SUNY Brockport also offers interdisciplinary programs in International Business, Asian Studies, Canadian Studies and Latin-American Studies, as well as programs overseas that can be integrated into the international studies major. See the chairperson for further information.

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