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Off-campus Programs

Washington Semester

This program is the oldest and most well-established college program of governmental internship in the nation's capital. Each semester, SUNY Brockport students are placed in a broad selection of governmental and political offices in Washington where they work four full days each week. This parallels and complements a specially-designed academic regime of study, writing and seminar meetings. The program is directed by a full-time member of the department. Most Washington Semester students are able to establish valuable contacts that lead directly to post-graduation employment.

Washington Semester Program Details

New York State Government Internships

The department participates in a program run by SUNY in cooperation with the New York State Legislature and executive agencies. The various Albany internship programs carry a stipend, which pays the student $1,200-$2,500, depending on the program. These programs also have proven to be very valuable in leading to post-graduate employment.

Albany Semester Program Details

Legal Internships

This program places qualified students in various types of legal internships, such as public defenders' offices, attorneys' offices and public agencies. This internship program usually is offered only during Summer Session.

Social Sciences in Paris

SUNY Brockport's Social Science Program in Paris has been in operation since 1974. Students spend either a semester or an academic year studying selected aspects of French and European society and politics, and French language and literature.

Social Sciences in London

SUNY Brockport's Social Science Program in London has been operating since 1977 at Britain's Brunel University. Through a variety of seminars, field trips and personal tutorials, students become very familiar with British politics and society.


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