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The Political Science/Pre-law Club

The Political Science/ Pre-law Club is open to all students interested in the political process or planning on continuing on to law or graduate school. The two main goals of the club are to help each other to further our chosen career paths and to have fun participating in and exploring the political process. 

This year we hope to bring a panel of Brockport political science alumni back to talk about their different careers, and a group of law and graduate school admissions officers to Brockport to talk about making yourself more competitive in applying to graduate programs; continue our voter registration drive; explore this year's elections in a number of ways; travel to Buffalo's law school to participate as jurors in a mock trial; and many other things, so stop by!  Meetings are every Tuesday in Room 141 FOB or stop by our office at 156 FOB. Phone:(585) 395-2584


Sat, Apr 26

APA & Library Services
10:30 am - 11:30 am

Research & Database Searching
noon - 1 pm