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Brockport / Political Sci. & Intl. Studies / Pre-Law

The Pre-law Program in Political Science

Welcome to SUNY Brockport's pre-law program! This new program is designed to help undergraduates prepare for and get accepted to, the law school of their choice. The political science and international studies department's pre-law program is a great stepping stone to a future in the practice of law, in politics, business or many other exciting careers. The program is open to all political science majors, and we strongly urge any undergraduate who is considering law school to look into it. 

Pre-law Preparation

Students preparing to enter law school may do so through any of SUNY Brockport's many academic major programs, provided that their undergraduate program is broad and liberal in the classic sense. More important than specific subject matter, according to law educators, is the development of skills and habits conducive to legal reasoning. The college has put together a special pre-law program to prepare students for law school.


What the Program Offers You


Students who participate in the program will benefit in a number of ways. The program begins with core courses specifically designed to prepare students for law school. These core courses include: 

PLS 320 Introduction to Law and Legal Process
PLS 324 Constitutional Law I
PLS 326 Constitutional Law II
PLS 425 Law and Social Problems
PLS 402 Legal Internships


Not all majors are equally adept at preparing students for law school, nor are all majors looked upon favorably by law schools. While law schools do not require any particular major as a prerequisite, political science continues to be the most popular pre-law major. Politics permeates the world of law. Likewise, political leaders frequently are lawyers. (Historically lawyers have been the single largest occupational group in Congress.) The multifaceted relationship between law and politics makes political science a sound choice for the pre-law undergraduate. The political science department's pre-law curriculum stresses courses that will introduce undergraduates to the legal system from the Constitution and its history, to major court cases, the politics of law, the federal and state court systems, federal and state laws and a host of related topics. In addition, the curriculum is designed to help students begin to master the skills required of law students and lawyers. These skills include critical thinking, the presentation of arguments in logical and well-reasoned fashion, and the ability to write in a clear cogent style. The single best preparation for law school involves learning to write in a persuasive manner. Today, fewer and fewer students enter college with this ability. As a result, the pre-law curriculum places heavy emphasis upon research and writing. Students in the program will be required to write several papers for most courses. The purpose of these writing assignments is to improve students' writing skills. 

The department of political science's pre-law program also offers each participant a pre-law advisor (pre-law advisor, Dr. Mark Chadsey, is also an attorney.) Dr. Chadsey will assist you in selecting courses within the program, the department of political science, and the College at large. The pre-law advisor will also offer assistance to undergraduates who are attempting to decide which law school to attend. Numerous publications are available through the pre-law advisor that will help students determine the requirements of individual law schools in terms of GPA and LSAT scores. The pre-law advisor will be able to assist students in narrowing down the list of potential laws schools and selecting those at which they are most likely to be accepted. Information on the cost of law schools and sources of financial assistance, is also available. 

For more information, contact the:
Department of Political Science and International Studies
228 Brown Building 
(585) 395-2584
call the Department's pre-law advisor;
Dr. Mark Chadsey at (585) 395-2320

Last Updated 6/12/14