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Service Courses in Political Science

The Department of Political Science offers courses to meet a variety of student educational needs and graduation requirements.
These include:

  1. General Education
    1. Social Sciences Knowledge Area courses:
      PLS 111 International Relations
      PLS 112 Comparative Politics
      PLS 113 American Politics
    2. Humanities Knowledge Area courses:
      Political Thought
    3. Computer Literacy courses:
      PLS 303 Political Science Research Methods
    4. Comparative Perspective courses:
      PLS 112 Comparative Politics
    5. Contemporary Issues courses:
      PLS 313 Gender Politics
      PLS 314 Issues in American Politics
      PLS 338 Global Issues
      PLS 356 Political Economy
      PLS 362 Women in Western Political Thought
  2. Co-requisites for other majors.
    Some political science courses are co-requisite requirements for academic majors offered by other departments, such as Criminal Justice, and Recreation and Leisure Studies.
  3. Free electives.
    Political science courses may be used as free electives to satisfy intellectual curiosity or to complement other aspects of a student's program.
  4. Overseas academic programs.
    The department participates in the SUNY Brockport social science programs in London and Paris.
  5. Academic internship programs.
    The department operates the SUNY Washington Semester Program. Also, it participates in the Albany Semester Programs of the New York State government, political party and law office internship courses.


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