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Campus Life

Campus Life Event Policy
Policy for programming events on campus.

Code of Student Conduct
The Code of Student Conduct states the behavioral expectations and standards of conduct for all students. Rules pertain to the actions of individuals as well as student clubs, organizations and/or groups.

Credit Card and Third-Party Solicitation Policy
Campus vending policy specifically related to credit cards and third-party contracts.

Disability Accommodation Appeals
Students as well as faculty have the right to protest the decisions of the Section 504 Coordinator in regard to academic accommodations using established appeal procedures.

Fund raising/Vending Policy
Fundraising and Vending Policy for the campus, and guidelines for the Seymour College Union

Hazing Policy
This policy defines hazing and informs students and organizations of possible disciplinary action(s) when found in violation of The College’s hazing policy. Students and organizations may also be subject to criminal prosecution for violation of the New Yo

Notice to this Institution of any Planned Assembly, Picketing or Demonstration upon the Grounds of this Institution
Procedures for the Giving of Reasonable Advance Notice to this Institution of any Planned Assembly, Picketing or Demonstration upon the Grounds of this Institution

Posting Policy
Rules for posting posters, banners and signs on College property.

Procedures for Accessing Services for Students with Disabilities
This policy informs students on rules and regulations for accessing services for students with disabilities.

Relationship Statement Between The College at Brockport and its Affiliated Fraternities and Sororities
Rules and regulations that governed recognized Brockport Greek lettered organizations.

Rules and Regulations for Maintenance of Public Order on Premises of State-operated Institutions of the State University of New York
Maintain the public order appropriate to a college or university campus.

Smoke-free Campus with Minor Exemptions Policy
The health risks resulting from second-hand smoke exposure are well documented. This policy will reduce involuntary exposure of second-hand smoke and facilitate a healthier environment for students, faculty, staff, administrators, visitors and community m

Student Organization Registration Policy
To ensure the educational integrity of co-curricular activities on campus, the College at Brockport has established registration procedures for student organizations.

Student Right to Know
The Student Right-to-Know Act requires the College to disclose certain information including crime statistics, institutional graduation rates and student privacy guidelines to all enrolled and prospective students.