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Student Accounts

Affirming Enrollment/Accepting Financial Responsibility
Students must acknowledge financial responsibility in order to remain enrolled in courses.

Billing Statements (Billing, Refunds, Collection, Write-offs Policy for Tuition, Fees, Other Charges)
The College at Brockport will generate billing notification to students with an outstanding balance of $5 or more.

Collection of Delinquent Accounts - External Agency and Attorney General
Delinquent student debt is subject to referral to an external collection agency and/or the New York State Attorney General.

Federal Academic Standards for Title IV Financial Aid Recipients at the Undergraduate Level
This policy explains the federal academic requirements to maintain eligibility for Federal Title IV financial aid.

Federal Title IV Authorization (Federal Aid Funds)
Students must provide authorization in order to use Federal Title IV aid to pay for miscellaneous account charges.

Health Insurance Coverage for International Exchange, Research and Study Programs
International exchange, research and study program students are charged for SUNY-mandated health insurance coverage.

Late Fees (Fees, Rentals and Other Charges)
Payments not received by the published deadline will be subject to penalty.

Miscellaneous Student Fees (Fees, Rentals, and other Charges)
Fees, rentals and other charges.

Payment Deadline (Billing, Refunds, Collection, Write-offs Policy for Tuition, Fees, Other Charges)
SUNY-mandated payment deadline information.

Payments (including Web Payment and Installment Payment)
Student payment options.

Permanent Address Required
Students are required to maintain an active permanent address on file with the College at all times.

Residency, Establishment of for Tuition Purposes
Eligibility for New York State tuition rate.

State-Established Academic Standards for New York State Financial Aid Undergraduate and Graduate
This policy explains the New York State academic requirements to maintain eligibility for state financial aid programs.

Title IV (Withdrawal) Refunds/Impact on Student Account
Financial implications of reduced Title IV awards caused by student withdrawal from course(s).

Tuition Liability: Refunds Resulting from Course Withdrawal
This link explains the refund schedule and process, the percentage of refund allowed each week and a link to the Office of Student Accounts for further details.

Tuition Overpayment Refunds
Refunding student account overpayment(s); direct deposit option

Tuition Schedule
SUNY-mandated tution charges.