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Registration and Records

Academic Honors for Undergraduates
Information on the honors breakdown for undergraduate according to matriculation date.

Adding, Dropping and Withdrawing from Courses
This link addresses policies that have to do with adding, dropping and withdrawing from courses for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Auditing Courses at The College at Brockport
Matriculated, registered students and NYS citizens over 60 years of age may audit courses under certain conditions. Information on how to audit a course.

College Records Access
For information on access to student records.

Confidential Nature of Student Records
Basic information that that deals with the release of student records

Cross-Listed Courses
There are rules that govern credit for a course listed in more than one department (different discipline codes).

Differences between Independent Study and Directed Study
Information on the guidelines for taking an Independent Study or Directed Study.

Emergency Contact Information Policy
The College at Brockport requires individuals to provide the institution with an emergency contact.

Final Examination Policy
The College has rules on scheduling final exams and on the student’s right to reschedule final exams under certain conditions.

Grade Changes
Information on the policy for a change of grade.

Grade Point Averages (GPA) at the Undergraduate Level
How to compute your undergraduate GPA.

Graduation, Commencement and Diplomas
Information related to graduation, Commencement and diplomas.

In-progress (PR) Grades
The grade given for certain courses that cannot be finished in one semester.

Incomplete Grades – Application Process
Information on taking an incomplete grade in a course.

Independent and Directed Study at the Undergraduate Level
This deals with the criteria required to take a course as an Independent or Directed Study.

Mid-Term Grades at the Undergraduate Level
Information on Mid-term Grades.

Proper Registration is Required to Receive Credit for Courses
All students are urged to note carefully the following course registration information in order to assure proper registration and receive credit for courses.

This link deals with student status as it relates to various registration opportunities, items that will prevent registration and affirming enrollment following registration.

Registration and Records Definitions
Registration and Records terminology.

Repeating Courses at the Graduate Level
This link deals with graduate students who repeat courses.

Repeating Courses at the Undergraduate Level
Before repeating a class, students should be aware of what impact it will have on their GPA and/or financial aid package. This policy explains the impact of repeating classes at the undergraduate level on a student's GPA and/or financial aid package.

Safeguarding Customer Information
Information on records and customer information.

Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory Grading
Students may take some courses graded only as satisfactory or unsatisfactory according to the rules stated in this policy.

The Transcript
This information explains the student’s official academic record at The College at Brockport.

Three Other Possibilities: “I”, “PR’ and “W”
Information on grades of I, PR and W.

Tuition Liability: Refunds Resulting from Course Withdrawal
This link explains the refund schedule and process, the percentage of refund allowed each week and a link to the Office of Student Accounts for further details.

Undergraduate Cross-Registration
Information on how to cross-register a course.

Undergraduates Taking Graduate Courses
A list of criteria that must be met and cautions that should be noted by undergraduate students who wish to enroll in graduate courses.