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Academic Advisement

Allowable Credit Loads (Undergraduate)
This policy refers to the maximum credit load allowed for undergraduate students in a semester based on Academic Class.

Credit Loads for Non-matriculated Students (Undergraduate)
This policy refers to the credit load limits allowed for non-matriculated students.

Credit Loads in Summer Sessions
This policy refers to credit load totals allowed in Summer Sessions.

Cross-Listed Courses
There are rules that govern credit for a course listed in more than one department (different discipline codes).

Declaring a Major or Minor
This policy describes how to declare a major, second major, or minor.

Determination of Academic Class at the Undergraduate Level
This policy describes what your class status is based on the number of credits completed. It is important to note that a student’s class standing at any point is based only on the number of credits completed, and does not include those in progress.

Earning Credit
Failure to earn credits will cause a student’s status to become inactive.

Federal Academic Standards for Title IV Financial Aid Recipients at the Undergraduate Level
This policy explains the federal academic requirements to maintain eligibility for Federal Title IV financial aid.

Getting the Credit You Deserve
This policy explains how and what credits will transfer to Brockport.

Independent and Directed Study at the Undergraduate Level
This deals with the criteria required to take a course as an Independent or Directed Study.

Leaving Brockport or Withdrawing from all Courses Before Graduation and Returning
This policy addresses matriculated undergraduate students who want to withdraw completely, either by leaving during a semester or not enrolling in an upcoming semester.

Progress Toward the Degree
This policy explains how your degree requirements are determined.

Readmission at the Undergraduate Level
This policy outlines the policy for readmission to the College after separation, leave of absence, academic dismissal and/or conduct suspension.

Repeating Courses at the Graduate Level
This link deals with graduate students who repeat courses.

Repeating Courses at the Undergraduate Level
Before repeating a class, students should be aware of what impact it will have on their GPA and/or financial aid package. This policy explains the impact of repeating classes at the undergraduate level on a student's GPA and/or financial aid package.

Residency Requirement
This policy discusses the minimum number of credits needed at Brockport for your degree, major and/or minor.

State-Established Academic Standards for New York State Financial Aid – Undergraduate and Graduate
This policy explains the New York State academic requirements to maintain eligibility for state financial aid programs.

Student Responsibility for Graduation Requirements (Undergraduate)
The College provides you an advisor and a Degree Audit Report (DARS Report), to assist you in tracking your graduation requirements. However it is ultimately your responsibility to track your graduation requirements.

Student Right to Know
The Student Right-to-Know Act requires the College to disclose certain information including crime statistics, institutional graduation rates and student privacy guidelines to all enrolled and prospective students.

Undergraduates Taking Graduate Courses
A list of criteria that must be met and cautions that should be noted by undergraduate students who wish to enroll in graduate courses.