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Code of Student Conduct

Code of Student Conduct
The Code of Student Conduct states the behavioral expectations and standards of conduct for all students. Rules pertain to the actions of individuals as well as student clubs, organizations and/or groups.

College Policy on Student Organization Affiliation
This college policy informs students of disciplinary action that may occur with affiliation with any organization or group that has had its College recognition withdrawn.

Hazing Policy
This policy defines hazing and informs students and organizations of possible disciplinary action(s) when found in violation of The College’s hazing policy. Students and organizations may also be subject to criminal prosecution for violation of the New Yo

Smoke-free Campus with Minor Exemptions Policy
The health risks resulting from second-hand smoke exposure are well documented. This policy will reduce involuntary exposure of second-hand smoke and facilitate a healthier environment for students, faculty, staff, administrators, visitors and community m